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IoMH has participated in UCL Lunch Hour Lectures, led by UCL Minds

Lunch Hour Lecture: Anti Stigma Campaigns in Mental Health-winning the battle but losing the war?

Prof Anthony David, Director UCL Institute of Mental Health, Thursday 10 October 2019

About the Lecture: Mental illness is one of the most stigmatised areas of modern life. Recently there has been a sea-change in the public conversation around mental health including concerted anti-stigma campaigns. These include raising awareness, emphasising the ubiquity of mental health problems, changing the terminology and language of the discourse and challenging the disease status of psychiatric conditions. Is there evidence that these approaches are successful? Research reveals only modest shifts in attitudes and some authorities point to negative unintended consequences. I will discuss these issues and propose ways forward such as promoting proximity and integration and advocacy.

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Lunch Hour Lecture - Mental Health and the Pandemic: Past, Present and Future!

Prof Anthony David, Director UCL Institute of Mental Health, Tuesday 12 May 2020 

About the lecture: To coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, in this Lunch Hour Lecture we will hear from Professor Anthony David, Director at UCL Mental Health Institute.

We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and cannot know quite what effects it will have on physical and mental health. Mankind has suffered pandemics before, for example the ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic of 1918 - perhaps the worst in modern times. More recently coronaviruses have caused Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemics in Asia and the Middle East. Concern regarding mental health is prominent in the current pandemic and there is already considerable effort being made to measure and mitigate mental disorders. In this lecture I will try and draw some lessons from previous pandemics. I will look specifically at suicide and summarise work from a recent systematic review which highlights anxiety, depression and stress disorders following coronavirus infections. I will also show how modern epidemiological research and social media are helping us monitor mental health relevant outcomes in the population. On the basis of this there are grounds for both optimism and pessimism regarding the future mental health burden of COVID-19.

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