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News about funding and collaboration opportunities around mental health research.

Last update: 7 October 2021.

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships: Outline Stage 2021-22

Funder: British Academy

Awards: Up to 36 months

Deadline: Outline Stage: 14 October 2021 (17:00 UK time)

The British Academy is inviting proposals from early career researchers in the humanities and social sciences wishing to pursue an independent research project, towards the completion of a significant piece of publishable research. This scheme provides funding to cover the costs of a 36-month fellowship at a host institution of your choosing.

The competition for the Postdoctoral Fellowship is held in two stages. The Outline Stage is open for everyone within the eligibility criteria. The Second Stage is invitation only. You may only apply to this competition once, unless specifically invited to re-apply. 

Please consult specific eligibility criteria on this link.

UCL Health of the Public Small Grants Scheme

Funder: UCL Internal

Awards: Up to £20,000 up to 6 months

Deadline: 18 October 2021

The aim of this internal call is to encourage proposals that develop new cross-disciplinary collaborations to conduct research to improve the health of the public.

Our small grants should be used to develop ‘big ideas’, to encourage ambitious and exciting research that has the potential to transform the public health research landscape and can help us to prevent disease, promote health, and prolong life among the population as a whole.

We will accept proposals for projects in any cross-disciplinary area that improves population health. We are particularly interested in addressing the evidence gaps in health of the public research, as identified by the Academy of Medical Sciences ‘Improving the health of the public by 2040’ report and the Strategic Coordination of the Health of the Public Research’s (SCHOPR) paper on ‘Health of the public research principles and goals’. These include: the natural and built environment, the demographic, social and cultural environment, the political, economic and commercial environment, the digital and technological environment, the educational and occupational environment, the health and social care environment, the behavioural environment, biology across the lifecourse, health inequalities, the global context.

Guidance can be found here.

London Health Data Strategy: Pathfinder Projects Funding Call

Funder: NHS in London supported by five London Universities, OneLondon, Health Data Research UK and NHSX

Awards: Tbc (total commitment of £1m for 4 awards) up to 12 months

Deadline: 21 October 2021

The aim of this call is to support four health improvement Pathfinder Projects that demonstrate how the use of data at scale across London can improve health outcomes. Priority will be given to  Pathfinder Projects that seek to utilise multiple linked datasets to conduct analyses and derive insight for health care improvement, including areas like mental health, and Deprivation and related social and chronic health conditions (among others). The funding call requires proposals for funding to demonstrate that PPIE is an integral part of the proposed work. Funding is available for resources associated with analysing the data made discoverable and accessible. Funding can also be requested to support Public and Patient Involvement and Engagement, as well as dissemination, communication and engagement activity and study management..

Guidance can be found here.

APEX Awards

Funder: British Academy, Leverhulme Trust, Royal Academy of Engineering, Royal Society

Awards: Up to £100,000 for 24 months max

Deadline: 28 October 2021

The APEX awards are a funding opportunity designed to promote collaboration across academic disciplines through the support of world-leading interdisciplinary research projects.

Applications  ae invited from established (independent) researchers employed at a UK university, or not-for-profit research institution, with a strong track record in their respective area, to an exciting opportunity to pursue genuine interdisciplinary and curiosity-driven research to benefit wider society. Successful applicants will be expected to work in collaboration with relevant researchers from other disciplines.

Applications must be within the remit of more than one of the three Academies, and awards of up to £100,000 to fund staff costs can be held for up to 24 months with no more than 25 per cent of the total requested used for associated research costs. Successful applicants will also have the opportunity to apply separately for up to £10,000 to create and lead public engagement projects linked to their APEX award. For queries please contact: apex@royalsociety.org

Neuroblu award 2021

Funder: Holmusk

Awards: free 6-month subscription to the NeuroBlu™   platform, technical support, and an honorarium of € 3,000 to support research

Deadline: 29 October 2021

Holmusk is inviting applications for the NeuroBlu™ Award – an opportunity worth € 50,000 enabling  free access to a  large dataset in mental health  and the analytics power to interrogate it. Applications are open to academics with a track record of using clinical data doing mental health research.

The winner of the NeuroBlu™ Award receives a free 6-month subscription to the NeuroBlu™   platform, technical support, and an honorarium of € 3,000 to support their research. Further information can be found here.

BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants

 Funder: British Academy / Leverhulme

Awards: Up to £10,000 up to 24 months

Deadline: 10 November 2021

 The BA/Leverhulme Small Research Grants are available to support primary research in the humanities and social sciences. These awards, up to £10,000 in value and tenable for up to 24 months, are provided to cover the cost of the expenses arising from a defined research project.

Awards are open to postdoctoral scholars or equivalent who are ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom. Co-applicants may be from anywhere in the world, but the principal applicant must be ordinarily resident in the UK.

Please read our scheme guidance notes and FAQs carefully and contact grants@thebritishacademy.ac.uk for queries.

Better methods, better research: Nov 2021

Funder: MRC/NIHR

Awards: £500,000 max

Deadline: 11 November 2021

Funding to support research to improve research methods being applied by others anywhere within the remit of MRC or the NIHR. Multidisciplinary teams and approaches welcome. welcome multidisciplinary teams or approaches. Grant types: research grants, new investigator research grants, partnership grants.

Guidance notes can be found here.

MRC Neurosciences and Mental Health Research Grants

Funder: MRC

Awards: n/a (up to 5 years)

Deadline: 26 January 2022

Investigator-led grant funding for research into disorders of the nervous system, including fundamental research normal development and function, and understanding of the mechanism of disease.  Research grants are suitable for focused short or long-term research projects and can support method development or development and continuation of research facilities.

Guidance can be found here.

MRC Neurosciences and Mental Health New Investigator Research Grants

Funder: MRC

Awards: n/a

Deadline: 26 January 2022

Grant funding for research into disorders of the nervous system, including fundamental research normal development and function, and understanding of the mechanism of disease.  

New investigator research grants are aimed to support the transition into becoming an independent principal investigation with support from the host institution.  There is no limitation on length of post-doctoral experience.

Guidance can be found here.

MRC Neurosciences and Mental Health Programme Grants

Funder: MRC

Awards: Typically £1m or more; maximum 5-year duration (renewable)

Deadline: 26 January 2022

Programme grants provide large, long-term and renewable programme funding for researchers working in the area of neurosciences and mental health research. They aim to help the medical science community to ‘think bigger’.

Guidance be found here.

MRC Neurosciences and Mental Health Partnership Grants

Funder: MRC

Awards: n/a

Deadline: 26 January 2022

Funding for partnerships working to transform the understanding of neuroscience and mental health. Partnership grants are expected to support these research areas, but funds can not cover research costs.

Guidance can be found here.