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Children and Young People's Mental Health Catalyst Seminar

18 May 2022, 1:00 pm–2:15 pm

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This seminar will be led by the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF)

This event is free.

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Maya Sapir

EIF is a government What Works Centre dedicated to ensuring the effective early intervention is available and used to support children at risk of poor outcomes. As a knowledge broker they sit at the interface between research and policy, generating evidence on their 3 strategic themes – the early years, mental health and wellbeing and childhood vulnerability – and working closely with national and local government, practitioners and the third sector to ensure that evidence is used to improve the way we design and deliver services for children.

Aleisha Clarke (Assistant Director and EIF’s lead on mental health and wellbeing) and Tom McBride (Director of Evidence) will discuss:

  • The role of EIF and the What Works Network
  • Their work on social and emotional learning and adolescent mental health
  • The strengths and limitations of the knowledge broker model in translating and mobilising evidence
  • How, in their view, academic research could have greater influence on policy and practice.

EIF have been talking with UCL’s CYP MH representatives about building stronger links between EIF and UCL, which include opportunities for collaboration. The EIF are particularly interested in talking to any UCL colleagues who considering bidding to the forthcoming Wellcome mental health round and have provided a brief description of the skills and expertise they would bring to a collaboration. If you would be interested in talking to them about potential partnerships, please do reach out to Tom or Aleisha

The UCL Catalyst seminar series is intended to spark fresh thinking and debate, featuring cutting-edge UCL research relevant for children and young people’s mental health and facilitating new connections between scientists working in different disciplines.