MPHYGB17: Clinical Practice

Course Information

Course Credits
Term 1
Assessment Coursework
Course Organiser
Prof Nick Donaldson

Aims and Objectives

In the first half of term, this module is about electrical safety and, in the second half, anatomy and physiology. The electrical safety part includes: the effects of electricity on the body, impedance, mains electricity supply, causes of electric shock, electrical safety regulations, quality management and the regulatory processes. Lectures on these topics will be presented in five 3-hour sessions and will be assessed by a 1½ hour exam.

With regards to anatomy and physiology, the course consists of 5 formal 1 hour lectures and 4 guided 2 hour practical sessions at the anatomy lab (formerly dissecting room) where students will have the opportunity to study anatomy with the use of human material under the guidance of skilled demonstrators. The formal teaching is followed by a 6th session consisting of a short MCQ exam and a practical spot test in the anatomy lab. These two exams contribute 50% to the total course mark. The other 50% come from three assignments handed out and completed throughout the course. Assignments will be scrutinized by Turnitin and will be marked electronically. Feedback will be provided within 1 week of handing in the assignment.

See the module’s Moodle page for the timetable.

Brief Syllabus

Course Lecture hours
Effects of electricity, impedance 3
Causes of shock 3
Regulations 6
Quality management & Regulation 3

Anatomy & Physiology 

5 hours lectures

8 hours practical


Electrical Safety Written exam 1½ hours
Anatomy & Physiology Assignments, MCQ & spot test