2012 Athena SWAN Award: submission highlights

  • We provided detailed case studies from members of the department, highlighting the benefit and implementation of UCL’s family friendly policies.
  • During the past four years, our average percentage female intake of medical physics undergraduates is 44%, roughly double the national percentage of females on physics degree programmes, and roughly double the percentage of women students studying physics at A'level.
  • We provided evidence of a substantial increase in public engagement activities, particularly targeting female audiences.
  • We have adopted a departmental policy of scheduling all regular meetings as much as possible during the "family friendly" hours of 10am-4pm.
  • Mentoring processes have been established for both PhD students and staff, focusing on career progression and tackling perceived barriers. (The Athena SWAN assessment panel commended the introduction of our postdoctoral mentoring scheme, particularly because the postdoctoral research assistants committee have ownership of the scheme and because family friendly information is being provided to the mentors to improve the quality of the scheme).
  • Regular departmental social activities have been organised which facilitate better communication and networking for both staff and PhD students. These include staff and student retreats, as well as coffee mornings and family friendly activities such as our annual Sports Day.
  • In the past five years, 70% of all student prizes have been awarded to female students (all four of our prizewinners in 2013 are female).
  • We reported a 100% return rate from maternity leave.
  • We confirmed regular receipt and approval of paternity leave requests in line with UCL policy.
  • The proportion of female students registering for our MSc programmes has remained very close to 50% despite our total numbers fluctuating significantly.
Athena msc annual intake
  • Our percentage of female staff at all grades has exceeded 25% for the first time, and demonstrates an upward trend.
athena percentage of female staff at all grades