Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering



Welcome to UCL's Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, one of the largest medical physics departments in the UK. We have exceptionally close links with major teaching hospitals, as well as excellent academic research. We offer BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees in Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering.

Our academic research rating is a top level 5, which means that we have an internationally leading reputation in medical physics and biomedical engineering research.

Ours is a joint department with Medical Physics in the UCLH NHS Trust, and so our staff work side-by-side with hospital physicists, clinical doctors and other health professionals. This close liaison with clinical colleagues in this exciting field enriches our research and teaching.

In 2004, we moved into a new building on the main UCL campus, which was purpose-built for us. Our research and teaching is now mainly concentrated on the one site, which helps our students to experience life in an active department.

Research: We develop new technologies and methods for diagnosing, treating and managing medical conditions and diseases. Our research includes medical imaging, physiological monitoring, radiotherapy, and biomedical engineering.

The Department of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering currently holds a Bronze Award. To explore some of the exceptional achievements of the women in our department, please see our Women in Medical Physics pages.

For more about the department, watch the below video and see our annual newsletter. Please see also our new spinout company called Gowerlabs which specialises in bespoke optical imaging systems for the research community.

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