Royal Free London Library Services


Study and research spaces

There are a number of spaces available for study and research in the Library.

On the ground floor, there are workspaces for up to 70 people.

Elearning Zone…

The E-learning Zone in the basement provides access to 20 PCs with priority for e-learning.

Seminar Room…

On the 1st floor, there are two Group Study Rooms and a Seminar Room which can be used for discussions, small teaching events, practising role-plays etc. The rooms are bookable. A timetable showing the availability is posted on the door of each room.

A Quiet Study Area is also available with workspaces for up to 32 people.

For information on services for disabled users, please see Information for disabled users

If you're planning an educational event or wish to book a room for teaching or study:

a) if you have access to freenet, you can place a booking request using Bookwise - a link to Bookwise can be found on our event bookings page. To find our pages on Freenet, enter http://Freenet/MedicalLibrary into your browser and look for the link to 'Event bookings' from our home page.


b) if you do not have access to Freenet or Bookwise, please use the available webform.