Royal Free London Library Services


Support for NHS staff


The library provides the following services to Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust staff to assist in support for clinical practice, patient care, critical appraisal and journal club facilitation, clinical audit and guideline development and keeping up to date with the latest news and research.

Access to e-Resources

NHS staff can access a range of electronic resources including databases, full text e-journals and e-books by self-registering for an NHS OpenAthens account using the registration form available at https://openathens.nice.org.uk. Joining our libraries will also allow NHS staff in-library access to the majority of UCL's comprehensive collection of e-journals and databases, via dedicated PCs in our libraries.

Online tutorial: Setting up an NHS OpenAthens account

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Online tutorial: Accessing full text for NHS staff


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Literature Search Service

The library's literature search service is free for NHS staff, finding evidence to support patient care, guideline and audit development, or research.

If you have access to Freenet you can complete the online request form (http://bit.ly/RequestLitSearch). Alternatively, please email rlibrary@ucl.ac.uk with the details of your request. 

Keeping up-to-date with KnowledgeShare

KnowledgeShare is a targeted current awareness services provided to trust staff by the Royal Free London Library Services.

KnowledgeShare can send you information to help you keep up to date with the latest clinical evidence to support patient care, and also covers a wide range of professional skills and topics such as:

  • Revalidation
  • Leadership and staff management
  • Quality improvement
  • Mentoring
  • Education
  • Patient safety
  • Procurement
  • Telehealth
  • Simulation

Join KnowledgeShare for free by registering at www.knowledgeshare.nhs.uk.

Improving Quality Update

The library produces a monthly evidence update on the topic of improving quality with content sourced from KnowledgeShare.  



Bringing the library to your workplace: Clinical Librarian Service

Are you too busy to come to the Library regularly? Let us come to you instead, helping you find the best evidence out on the wards and workplaces where it is needed.  The Clinical Librarian service at the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust aims to help Trust staff by offering support for audit, research and guideline development; literature searching and keeping up to date; and information about training courses and other services provided by the library.

Contact us using rlibrary@ucl.ac.uk today for a consultation.

Training for NHS staff on finding, managing and appraising clinical evidence

Staff of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust are able to attend a wide range of regularly scheduled training sessions held at the Royal Free Hospital Medical Library. Sessions include effective searching using the range of medical databases which can be accessed with an NHS OpenAthens account, critical appraisal of various types of medical research and individual support for staff undertaking systematic reviews. For full details of the training available, please see our information skills training page.