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Medical Education Conferences

The UCL Medical School Medical Education conference attracts leaders in the field of medical education to exchange ideas and experiences to improve educational practice.

Medical Education Conference 2013

2013’s conference programme was built on the success of previous, very popular events. The theme was Transitions in Medical Education and Training.  We were very fortunate to have a number of inspirational national and international speakers including Prof Sir John Tooke, Dr David Hirsh from Harvard Medical School, Prof Trudie Roberts from Leeds, Dr Vicky Tallentire from Edinburgh, Prof Christine Jorm from Sydney and Dr Anita Berlin (UCL).

Medical Education Conference 2012

We held our second Medical Education Conference - Teaching, Learning and Assessing in the Workplace.  The event was fully booked three weeks in advance of the day and attracted colleagues from central teaching sites, district general hospitals and general practice. Delegates from the GMC, other medical schools, the Deanery and the Institute of education were also present.

Medical Education Conference 2011

This conference was designed to explore the impact that Tomorrow's Doctors (2009) has had on the UCL MBBS curriculum as well as an opportunity to discuss current developments in the teaching and assessment of medical students at UCL.

The conference consisted of plenaries by both UCL academics and invited speakers and a variety of workshops.  Delegates attended one of four workshops in the morning and one of four workshops in the afternoon. The workshops encompassed assessment methods and techniques in both undergraduate and postgraduate medical training as well as curriculum development and learning and achievement in undergraduate medicine.