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MBBS Year 6 Course Information

Preparation for Practice

In the final year of the MBBS programme at UCL, students will be encouraged to integrate their prior learning in biomedical and human sciences with all their clinical experience and apply it to management during longer attachments. By ensuring that students think and act like doctors, they will learn to master key practical procedures in real clinical settings, as well as demonstrating impeccable patient-centred professionalism.

Our final year will place patient-based student led learning at its heart. Incorporating assistantships, it will be intellectually demanding and ‘hands-on’, creating UCL graduates who will become knowledgeable, decisive and practical doctors, able to work in teams and aware of patients’ needs and their own limitations.

The aims of your final year:

The MBBS Final Year is designed to ensure you have opportunities to think and act like a doctor and to practise and reflect on the areas that will be of use to you on becoming an FY1 doctor.

Thinking like a doctor:

  • You should aim to make evidenced-based clinical decisions that promote patient-centred practice. You will integrate and synthesise prior knowledge of biomedical and human sciences to enhance your interpretation of the patient’s own narrative, physical signs and other clinical and social data.

Acting like a doctor:

  •  You should be able to demonstrate your professionalism through commitment, time keeping, initiative, respect for colleagues, an understanding of patient safety and the  application of ethical and legal principles. You will be able to perform general clinical tasks and specific practical and clerical procedures (including BLS & prescribing) to the level expected of a Foundation Doctor.

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Students entering Year 6 are eligible to apply for a number of scholarships and bursaries to assist with their elective costs. All the scholarships and bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need and merits of the application.  A full declaration of current financial circumstances is therefore required. The application will be considered in confidence, by a committee nominated by the Medical School.

The application process opens in April each year and will close on a nominated date in August each year.  For details on bursaries available and to apply, please visit the Elective Bursaries Moodle page