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MBBS Year 5 Course Information

The Life Cycle and Specialist Practice

The theme of Year 5 of the MBBS curriculum is “the life cycle” - you will encounter patients with medical conditions from across the “seven ages” of man. A large part of the year is dedicated to beginnings of life, through women’s and men’s health, sexual health and child health.

In addition you will learn about family and adult health and behaviour through general practice, breast services, urology, psychiatry, dermatology, and ophthalmology. The latter parts of the life cycle will be explored in health of the older person, oncology and palliative care. 

As Year 5 is also an important year with regards to your Foundation School application and planning your elective, and you will also receive advice about career planning, Foundation School application and arranging your elective.

The rest of the year consists of a Taught Revision week, and three modules; each module comprising a core introductory teaching week, and then 12 weeks of clinical placement.

The three Year 5 modules are:

  • Module A - CFH: Child and Family Health (Paediatrics, General Practice, Child & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMH));
  • Module B - WHMHD: Women’s Health and Men’s Health with Dermatology (Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Breast disease, Urology, Genito-urinary medicine, Contraception & HIV medicine);
  • Module C - HOPE: Care of the older person, Ophthalmology, Cancer Medicine & Palliative Care, Psychiatry;

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