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MBBS Year 2 Course Information

Fundamentals of Clinical Science 2 

Like year 1, learning is presented as a series of sequential, integrated, systems based modules. 

Each module is based around a physiological system, provides integrated teaching across disciplines, is integrated with clinical and professional practice (CPP) and is designed to build on knowledge and skills learnt in previous modules. 

There are opportunities for early patient contact and for meeting health professionals, to allow you to keep preparation for practice firmly in sight. Note that these may need to take place online in 2020/21. 

The aims of both of the Fundamentals of Clinical Science years are for you to: 

  • gain a firm understanding of the scientific knowledge and principles that are relevant to, and essential for, excellence in clinical practice;  
  • develop an understanding of science in the context of its application to clinical medicine, organised according to physiological and functional systems (e.g., endocrine system), rather than by academic disciplines (e.g., physiology, biochemistry and anatomy); 
  • understand the application of science to medicine and have the skills to appreciate the methods of scientific research, thereby enabling you to appreciate and understand future advances in medicine;  
  • gain a good foundation for the knowledge and skills required for the integrated BSc in Year 3; 
  • develop the key skills required for data collection and analysis, information retrieval and use of electronic databases, problem solving, report writing and presentation of information and case reports; 
  • have opportunities to appreciate the ethical, social and legal dimensions of medicine; 
  • have an opportunity for early patient contact and start to develop the foundations of the professional skills required for good patient care; 
  • start to develop an understanding of the value of health education, preventive medicine and the natural history of disease; 
  • understand the role of the doctor as an educator. 

This will be achieved in Year 2 through: 

  • systems based learning in modules: Movement and Musculoskeletal Biology; Neuroscience and Behaviour; Endocrine Systems and Reproduction; Genetics, Development and Cancer; that occur in sequential blocks throughout the year; 
  • CPP modules that build on learning in Year 1 and are ongoing throughout the year and extend into the latter years of the programme; 
  • relating learning where appropriate to the UCL MBBS core conditions and presentations; 
  • the patient pathways: continuing with the Integrated and community care patient pathway and a cardiometabolic patient pathway, including simulated contact with patients with cardiometabolic disorders;  
  • formative assessments throughout the year; 
  • maintenance of a portfolio;  
  • summative assessment. 

UCL Module Catalogue: