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Name and Proclaim

'Name and Proclaim' was launched in November 2015.

This part of the quality website is where you can shout out about people, clinical or administrative, who have impressed and inspired you during your time at UCL Medical School.

Showing gratitude to people who demonstrate excellent behaviour is not only a way of thanking them but it will encourage them to carry on doing what they do so well.

  • Have you encountered an excellent clinician on your clinical attachments who demonstrated perfect bedside manner?
  • Have you sat in a tutorial or lecture and left feeling fascinated by your new knowledge or impressed by someone’s unique and inspirational teaching style?
  • Have you met an administrator who simply goes the extra mile to support you as a student?

If you feel you would like to acknowledge and thank someone, please fill in our very brief ‘Name and Proclaim’ reporting form.

Name and Proclaim Reporting Form

Upon completion, the named individual will receive a thank you from the Quality Assurance Unit with the details that you chose to supply.

According to Cicero, the Roman philosopher – ‘Gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all others’.