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Radiation Physics Research Group

Pixellated diffraction signatures

Whether you know it or not, radiation is around us all the time, either due to the natural environment, like radioactive rocks, or produced intentionally, like X-rays at a hospital.  It is the mission of the Radiation Physics Group to develop new technologies and techniques that allow these sources of radiation to be harnessed for novel applications.

About Us

In the Radiation Physics Group (RPG) we create new technologies for ionising radiation measurement. This ranges from the development of new detector materials and new ways of fabricating radiation sensors to the implementation of complete detection systems.  We apply these new technologies for tasks like radioactive source localisation and non-invasive material identification in the fields of medicine, defence & security and industrial quality control. 

To achieve our wide-ranging goals, we have a strong network of academic and clinical collaborators and several industrial partners. We work on cutting-edge blue skies research as well as translational projects which aim to bring new products to market.  We have access to world leading research facilities at UCL which facilitates the internationally recognised work we do.

Current projects

  • Rapid X-ray Diffraction Computed Tomography
  • Compact Compton Camera for Online Proton Therapy Monitoring
  • 3D Printable Radiation Detectors Based on Perovskite-Polymer Hybrids
  • X-ray Investigation of Bones and Kidneys for Clues about Gitelman and Gordon Syndrome
  • Distributed Source Localisation using Coincidence Detection Methods


  • STFC Food Network and the Food Standards Agency
  • STFC Nuclear Security Science Network
  • Dawes Centre for Future Crime
  • EPSRC Strategic Equipment Fund