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Pint of Science 2023: Lights, camera, action!

30 May 2023

a graphic of a pint of beer wearing glasses and the text 'Pint of Science'

The international science festival Pint of Science took place on 22nd - 24th May, providing a space for researchers and members of the public alike to come together, be curious, and chat about research in a relaxed environment.  At the Bedford in Balham, Prof Clare Elwell and Dr Silvia Cipiccia took their audience on a fascinating journey through the wonders of Applied Physics.  

female researcher standing in a room presenting to an audience

Silvia amazed the audience showing a pocket-size particle accelerator for a very special photography course: femtosecond photography! 

"Pint of Science is a fantastic way of sharing and communicating science: a relaxed atmosphere, engaging public and brilliant questions. I hope the public enjoyed it as much as I did."

Dr Silvia Cipiccia, Lecturer in Advanced X-Ray Imaging

Clare gave a fascinating perspective on how light can be used to detect medical conditions, including hands-on demonstrations (see photo). The audience was captivated by the broad social impact of her work, including her studies on malnutrition on young infants in rural Africa.   

female researcher standing in a room presenting to an audience

Pint of Science 2023 has been a fantastic and fun experience for speakers, audience and event organisers. If you would like to contribute next year, you can find more information here https://pintofscience.co.uk/ 

Written by Dr Michela Esposito, Research Fellow, Advanced X-ray Imaging Group (AXIm)