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Sustainable Travel and Events

Travel is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. Adopting more sustainable means of transport can help to make a meaningful reduction in our carbon footprint. 

Cycle and Walk to UCL 

Cycling and walking are two of the best ways to get to campus while socially distancing and getting some exercise. You will find resources to help you plan your walk and cycle to UCL on the Cycle and Walk to UCL page. 

UCL Cyclescheme 

Staff can take advantage of the UCL Cyclescheme

The scheme offers employees an opportunity to purchase a tax-free bike. UCL offers free bike maintenance sessions in the main quad. If you're getting an old bike out of the garage, or just want to make sure your bike is in good shape, the following page will provide you with the resources to fix your bike so you can start cycling. Information on upcoming dates and times is available on the Sustainable UCL website

UCL Cycle Parking and security 

When you arrive at UCL, you may need somewhere to park your bike.  There are bike storage facilities near our buildings and throughout campus. There is also a bike store in the basement of Charles Bell House. 

Find the nearest Cycle parking and shower facilities to your office. 

Cycling in London 

Find new routes to UCL using the TFL cycling maps and improve your skills with free Cycle Skills training.  

More information about free initiatives in London boroughs can be found on the cycle confident website

Season Ticket Loans 

All staff are entitled to apply for an annual interest free season ticket loan. For more information, visit the UCL Season Ticket Loans website

UCL Green Travel Plan 

As staff/students you can benefit from a wide range of sustainable travel initiatives both through UCL and the local community. Further information on the UCL Green Travel Plan can be found on the Sustainable UCL website

Travel to and from meetings 

Before travelling, consider how necessary it is to go to your meeting in person, or whether to have someone come to you. Can you set up a video conference instead? A new way of working is presenting itself in the form of hybrid meetings/hybrid working. This blends an on-site and off-site approach to work, which has been shown to reduce both carbon footprint and energy consumption by up to 90%.  

Keep in mind, air travel is one of the biggest contributors of carbon emissions. A single return trip for one person to New York adds 1.22 tonnes CO2 to the atmosphere. To keep track and understand your carbon footprint, try signing up to Giki Zero.  


Reusable food packaging for all the events 

Trying to limit the recycling process of breaking materials down, which is energy consuming and creates pollution; by contrast invest in reusable product packages, like stainless steel coffee cups with silicone lids, food containers made of robust plastic, glass jars with metal or silicone lids, ceramic plates, paper/paperboard, etc.