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Carole Sudre - CMIC/WEISS joint seminar series

02 December 2020, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Carole Sudre - a talk as part of the CMIC/WEISS joint seminar series

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Carole Sudre

Title - Cerebral small vessel disease – getting beyond white matter hyperintensity volume.

Abstract - Markers of cerebral small vessel disease such as white matter hyperintensities are commonly observed on MRI brain scans of adults beyond 50 years old. They reflect damage to the underlying tissue and have been linked to various clinical symptoms (executive function, depression, gait issues…) as well as higher risk of dementia and acceleration of cognitive decline. In this talk I will present some past and ongoing work done to improve the characterisation of these lesions, better understand what may cause them as well as their influence on cognition.