UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing


Barbara Dymarska

01 August 2018, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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UCL Bloomsbury - Roberts 106 Roberts building

Title -  Advantages of using MRI phase in head and knee: improving the reliability of functional MRI and imaging epiphyseal cartilage in children


As a new member of Karin Shmueli's MRI Group I would like to introduce myself to the CMIC community. In my talk I will present the work I have done in my previous lab at the High Field MR Centre at Medical University of Vienna under the supervision of Simon Robinson. This talk will consist of two parts. In Part 1 I will describe how one can improve the reliability of functional MRI using phase information. Here I will focus on dynamic distortion correction and estimation of BOLD sensitivity at 7 T in volunteers and patients with pathologies such as tumours, postoperative cavities, and venous malformations. In Part 2 I will talk about using phase information for imaging juvenile epiphyseal cartilage in children. Here I will present insight into the clinical potential of imaging vessels and layers in growth cartilage using SWI and QSM.

Short Bio:

Barbara has joined UCL recently as a Marie Curie Fellow, she is supervised by Dr Karin Shmueli. She did her PhD in Clinical Neurosciences, at Medical University of Vienna - project tile: "Using phase information to improve the reliability of functional magnetic resonance imaging", supervised by Dr Simon Robinson.

She did her MSc in Technical Physics jointly at Vienna University of Technology and Gdańsk University of Technology - title "Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) and micromagnetic study of the interphase roughness of FePt ordered/disordered layers", supervised by Prof. Josef Fidler and Prof. Wojciech Sadowski.