UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing


Efthymios Maneas

08 November 2017, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

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UCL Bloomsbury - Roberts 106 Roberts building

This talk will be focused on two topics: First, I will present methods to generate anatomically realistic tissue-mimicking phantoms for ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging using a novel mineral oil-based compound called gel wax. Second, I will present our current progress on multimodal imaging of the human placental vasculature.

Title 1: Development of multi-modal patient specific tissue-mimicking phantoms using gel wax

Short abstract 1: Phantoms are crucial for the development of ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging systems, and for clinical training tools. Ideally, phantoms for these modalities comprise tissue-mimicking materials with optical and acoustic properties that can be precisely and independently controlled, and which are stable over time, and low-cost. We demonstrated that gel wax satisfies these criteria, and in combination with 3D printed moulds, is well suited to create anatomically-realistic phantoms for ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging.

Title 2: Multi-modal and multi-scale imaging of the human placental vasculature

Short abstract 2: Minimally invasive fetal interventions, such as those used for therapy of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), require accurate image guidance to optimise patient outcomes. Currently, TTTS can be treated by identifying anastomosing vessels on the placental surface using a fetoscope, and then performing photocoagulation. Missed or incomplete photocoagulation increases the risk of procedure failure. In this study, we demonstrated the feasibility of visualising subsurface vessels in human term placentas with multi-modal and multi-scale imaging techniques that are complementary.