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Visit us, catch up with your class mates, network and get involved

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At UCL Mechanical Engineering we treasure our alumni. We are, of course, proud of the many roles our former students play in the wider world, from cutting edge racing technology to the world of business.

Alumni also play key roles in the life of the department. Several are counted amongst our academic staff while others:

  • donate time to mentor current students
  • financially support current students with bursaries
  • contribute real world experience to teaching and research

Find out more how you too can get involved.

Ways you can get involved

Want to put your experience to good use? Your time and expertise can be used to benefit UCL MechEng and the wider UCL community, our students and staff in number of valuable ways across a variety of roles.

Here are some of the ways you can get involved today:

  • Mentoring: Use your knowledge to support current students by offering mentoring to current students. Sign up here 
  • Recruitment/ internships: Your firm can have access to some of the world’s brightest most numerate students. Can you offer internships or jobs to our current students? Get in touch
  • Career skills/advice: Mechanical Engineering students experience in the wider world of work and business could help really help our current students
  • Donate: Support the work of UCL Mechanical Engineering directly and the wider UCL Campaign “It’s all Academic” – visit the campaign site 
  • Tell us what you’re up to: Students are inspired really by what their predecessors like you have achieved. Do keep us up to date with what you’re doing 

Visit us

If you would like to make an individual visit to the department and to meet our current Head of Department, staff, students and see what we are up to these days, drop us a line at mecheng@ucl.ac.uk

Stay in touch

Each year we mail two newsletters to all registered Mechanical Engineering alumni around the world sharing news from the department today. If you want occasional updates on life at the department register or update your details today.

Come back and meet your year group

Would you also like to get together with your former UCL course mates? You certainly don’t need to wait 50 years! We would love to help you get together with your friends. The department will:

  • help you contact your former classmates
  • host a visit to the department and campus
  • facilitate social gatherings for your party

If you would like to initiate a year group reunion and would like us to help, get in touch with Mykal Riley, Communications Manager on:

Not registered as an alumni?  Register here