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Dr Mukti wins international naval architecture prize

13 June 2022

Dr Muhammad Hary Mukti (Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at UCL Mechanical Engineering) has been announced as the 2022 winner of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects’ (RINA) W H C Nicholas Prize.

Dr Mukti

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) has recognised Dr Muhammad Hary Mukti with a W H C Nicholas Prize, presented by the President of the RINA, Ing Maurizio d'Amico FRINA at a RINA Future Direction event on 20 May. Dr Mukti is the first author to receive the prize, which is awarded for the best paper on a design-related topic published in RINA Transactions by an author aged under 35.

Dr Mukti's paper demonstrates how improved 3D modelling of distributed ship service systems – such as piping, cabling, and HVAC networks  – in early-stage design can be used to make better decisions on the overall size and layout of a submarine design. This avoids the need for expensive rework in later design phases. His paper, co-authored by Dr Rachel Pawling and Professor David Andrews FREng, aims to have a positive impact on the design of PL&C systems such as submarines.

On his research, Dr Mukti said:

“Submarine design poses significant problems related to the complexity of submarine distributed ship service systems since these systems must be physically arranged in an extremely limited space while ensuring their vital functioning can be achieved. The 3D informed dialogue presented in the paper has the potential to greatly improve communicating the design of submarine systems to the wider world – including the wider navy, the rest of government, parliament, the media and the public."

About Dr Muhammad Hary Mukti

Muhammad Hary Muki is a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant at UCL Mechanical Engineering. He received his BEng degree in Naval Engineering from Universitas Indonesia (UI) and his MEng degree from Texas A&M University, where he focused on deep-water technology, subsea riser and pipeline design and subsea project implementation. He also completed a Shipbuilding Operations and Technology course in the 2N Professional Programme at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.