Undergraduate Mathematics Options

General information

All students on Mathematics degrees have some options in year 3 or 4, and most have an option in year 2. To help you choose your options, please see your particular detailed degree structure. You may also find it helpful to use the module pathway information given below. A list of all modules offered by the department, including their syllabi, can be found here

Module pathways

The module pathways page shows all Mathematics honours modules within subject areas, and how they depend on each other. The unbroken lines show the normal required pre-requisites for each module and dotted lines the recommended pre-requisites. Please note that: (i) there will be alternative pre-requisites for students not on Mathematics degrees; (ii) if you are on a Mathematics degree and wish to take a module without having taken the required pre-requisites, you should discuss this with the lecturer and/or the Departmental Tutor.

Please click here to view the module pathways for Mathematics at UCL.

Module registration

Module registration will open on Portico during August. You will not be able to register modules until you have enrolled. You are advised to register modules as early as possible, as there may be constraints caused by room sizes (although last year nearly all maths students were able to take the maths modules they wished). 

Changing modules

Once you have completed module registration, you can’t change it yourself on Portico. If you do need to change modules, please e-mail m.l.roberts@ucl.ac.uk, copied to math.ugteaching@ucl.ac.uk with the subject line “OPTION CHANGE” and include in your e-mail your name and student number as well as the module you wish to drop and the one you wish to add.

Deadline for module changes

The normal deadline for changing mathematics modules is reading week of the first term. You will not be able to make any changes after the Christmas break, so will not be able to change any second term modules after they start. Information/taster sessions will be provided on second term options.

Advice and choice

You may seek advice from me, from your personal tutor or from lecturers. There are also general advice sessions during induction week.

Please note that you can also see short videos with lecturers introducing the module they are teaching on the Moodle page here

Third year MSci students

The choice of options is particularly important for third year MSci students, as it affects which modules and project can be done in year 4.

Please note that if you are taking single honours Mathematics, or Mathematics with Economics/Management/Languages/Mathematical Physics, then you are required to choose one of three main topics (Group 1A Analysis/PDEs, Group 1B Algebra/Number Theory, Group 2 Applied/Applicable Mathematics/Methods) and choose at least four modules (three modules for Maths with * degrees) from your chosen group. Slightly different arrangements hold for Maths and Stats and Maths and Physics. Please see the specific degree structures for more detailed information on this.

Information about module registration process

Some information about the UCL module registration process can be found at https://evision.ucl.ac.uk/hts/ucl/module_registration_student_userguide.pdf

Mark Roberts: m.l.roberts@ucl.ac.uk