Outside Options

Most students will have the possibility of taking up to 15 credits of “outside options” in year 2 and up to 30 credits in year 3 and year 4 (this depends on which particular degree you are taking). This means taking a module from another department in place of a mathematics option as specified in the degree rules.

Essentially you can take any module from any department in UCL, subject to:

(i) The timetable fitting: no adjustments will be considered to the timetable for outside options.
(ii) The module being at a level so that your overall selection of modules follows the UCL rules: in particular, any outside option taken in year 4 must be at level 6 or 7. This does not rule out taking a level 4 module as outside option in year 2 or 3.
(iii) The module being suitable: obviously unsuitable modules are lower level mathematics modules offered by other departments.
(iv) The relevant department accepting you on the module. You need to check in the first place on the relevant department’s website to see which students they accept, any registration procedures, etc. Modules may also be full.
(v) Approval by the Mathematics Departmental Tutor (this will be given to any reasonable choice meeting the above conditions).


There is no condition on which term you take an outside option in, although you should not take more than 75 credits in any term and it is probably inadvisable to take 75 credits in term 2.

In the past, the most popular choices for areas of study for outside options have been - but are not limited to - the following:

(i) Language options, normally taken at CLIE. All language modules at CLIE run through both terms and you have to register at CLIE and have an interview to determine level.
(ii) Statistics options. All maths students who want to take a Statistics module (STAT****) need to register in the Statistics Department. In general Statistics options are only available in Year 3 or 4, after having taken MATH0057 Probability and Statistics.
Please note that three Statistics options (STAT0005 Probability and Statistics II, STAT007 Stochastic Processes and STAT0011 Decision and Risk) are counted as Mathematics options rather than outside options in most degrees, but you will still need to register in the Statistics Department and are not guaranteed a place. Please see Statistics modules for Mathematics students.
(iii) Management options. Please note that some Management options run twice, in Autumn and Spring terms. In some cases you may be able to choose which term, in other cases outside students may only have one term available. Please see Management web-site.
(iv) Economics options. A very limited number of Economics options are made available to Maths students (different arrangements apply for Maths with Economics students). Please see Economics website.
(v) Mathematics education (CPAS0012). This is run by the Institute of Education and is available to year 3 or 4 students. In many Maths degrees it is counted as a Mathematics option. Please see Mathematics Education for more information.


Students can browse the UCL Module Catalogue to help you to find summary information about all modules running across UCL. You should also browse the Departmental Websites for more details, and contact staff in other departments if necessary if you want to find out more information.