Current MPhil/PhD Students

Welcome to the current PhD student area. Below are links to information that you may find useful during your time in our department.

Postgraduate Student Staff Consultative Committee

The student staff committee is composed of student representatives, graduate tutors and administrative staff. They meet termly to discuss any issues in the Department affecting PhD students.
Further information is available on the Mathematics Department Intranet.

    Mentors to PhD students:

    Dr Cecilia Busuioc - cecilia.busuioc AT ucl.ac.uk
    Dr Alejandro Diaz De La O - alex.diaz AT ucl.ac.uk
    Dr Selim Ghazouani - s.ghazouani AT ucl.ac.uk
    Dr Betti Hartmann - b.hartmann AT ucl.ac.uk
    Dr Nikoleta Kalaydzhieva - n.kalaydzhieva AT ucl.ac.uk
    Dr Philip Pearce - philip.pearce AT ucl.ac.uk
    Prof Ioannis Petridis - i.petridis AT ucl.ac.uk
    Dr Luciano Rila - l.rila AT ucl.ac.uk

    Mentor to Teaching Assistants:

    Dr Cecilia Busuioc - cecilia.busuioc AT ucl.ac.uk
    Dr Beatriz Navarro Lameda - beatriz.navarro AT ucl.ac.uk

    Departmental information:

    UCL Information

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