PhD Students


NameSupervisor / Research InterestsContact
Tiger AngSupervisor(s): Dr M Karpukhin
Research Interests: Geometric analysis and PDE
seth.ang.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
David Angdinata

Supervisor(s): Prof V Dokchitser
Research Interests: Arithmetic of elliptic curves, rational points on varieties, formalisation of Number Theory
Website: https://multramate.github.io/

david.angdinata.21 AT ucl.ac.uk                          
Michela BarbieriSupervisor(s): Dr E Segal
Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry, specifically toric geometry, geometric invariant theory, semi-orthogonal decompositions of derived categories and understanding predictions in these areas coming from homological mirror symmetry
michela.barbieri.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Jamie BellSupervisor(s): Prof V Dokchitser
Research Interests: Number Theory, specifically elliptic curves and abelian varieties
james.bell.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Marta BenozzoSupervisor(s): Prof P Cascini (Imperial College London)
Research Interests: Birational geometry in positive characteristic
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/marta-benozzo/home
marta.benozzo.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Giovanni BracchiSupervisor(s): Prof D Vassiliev
Research Interests: Spectral geometry and microlocal analysis
giovanni.bracchi.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
Molly BrennanSupervisor(s): Dr M Dalwadi
Research Interests: Multiscale modelling and asymptotic techniques, including homogenisation, with applications to problems in biology such as cell signalling (quorum sensing)
molly.brennan.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Daniel BussellSupervisor(s): Dr C Garcia Trillos
Research Interests: Financial mathematics, option pricing, backward stochastic differential equations, machine learning
daniel.bussell.14 AT ucl.ac.uk
Niels Cariou KotlarekSupervisor(s): Prof H Ni
Research Interests: Financial mathematics, Rough Paths theory, Machine Learning and Stochastic Differential Equations
Website: https://linkedin.com/in/niels-d-cariou-kotlarek/
niels.kotlarek.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
Nico CavalleriSupervisor(s): Dr L Foscolo
Research Interests: Special Holonomy
nico.cavalleri.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Jun ChengSupervisor(s): Dr FA Diaz de la O
Research Interests: Computational statistics, Bayesian inference and machine learning
jun.cheng.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Maria ChiversSupervisor(s): Prof R Halburd
Research Interests: General and Special relativity, including de Sitter and anti-de Sitter spacetimes, Geometry of black holes, Classical mechanics, Newtonian physics, String Theory

maria.chivers.20 AT ucl.ac.uk


Mads ChristensenSupervisor(s): Dr L Garcia Martinez
Research Interests: Number Theory and Geometry
mads.christensen.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Luke CollinsSupervisor(s): Dr S Letzter
Research Interests: Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Analytic Number Theory
Website: https://luke.collins.mt/
luke.collins.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Emily CookSupervisor(s): Dr D Hewitt
Research Interests: Non-Newtonian fluid dynamics, modelling of visco-elastic fluids, elastically driven instabilities of flow
emily.cook.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Lilybelle Cowland KellockSupervisor(s): Prof V Dokchitser
Research Interests: Hyperelliptic curves
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/lilybelle-cowland-kellock/home
lilybelle.kellock.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Antonio D'Alfonso Del SordoSupervisor(s): Dr C Boehmer
Research Interests: Dynamical systems in cosmology and modified theories of gravity
Website: https://www.antoniodalfonsodelsordo.co.uk/
a.dalfonsodelsordo AT ucl.ac.uk
Thuy Duong DangSupervisor(s): Prof FT Smith

Research Interests: Asymptotic methods and boundary layer theory with applications to three dimensional flows at high Reynolds number, Numerical methods

td.dang.15 AT ucl.ac.uk
Lucas DaySupervisor(s): Prof FEA Johnson
Research Interests: Algebraic Topology and Manifold Theory, in particular group actions on smooth manifolds
lucas.day.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Claudia De Sousa Miranda PerezSupervisor(s): Dr P Pearce
Research Interests: Applying statistical mechanics and control theory to protein aggregation and polymerisation for patient-specific modelling
Website: https://claudia-miranda.github.io/
claudia.perez.16 AT ucl.ac.uk
Bishal DebSupervisor(s): Prof AD Sokal
Research Interests: enumerative combinatorics
Website: https://bishaldeb.com/
bishal.deb.19 AT ucl.ac.uk  
Luke R. DebonoSupervisor(s): Prof H Wilson
Research Interests: Particle-based fluid models, coarse-graining of polymer fluids, non-colloidal particle suspensions and algorithms for reverse-nonequilibrium molecular dynamics
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/luke-debono-b9930a193/
luke.debono.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Alexey DerkachSupervisor(s): Prof A Sobolev
Research Interests: Functional Anlysis, Operator Theory: Spectral properties of Pseudo-differential operators of special type
alexey.derkach.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Alessio Di LorenzoSupervisor(s): Dr L Foscolo
Research Interests: Complex analytic and differential geometry, complex Monge-Ampère equations, K-stability
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/alessiodilorenzo
alessio.dilorenzo.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Alexis FarmanSupervisor(s): Prof KM Page
Research Interests: Mathematical modelling, mathematical biology, tumour-immune interactions, ODE systems, Partial Differential Equations and nonlinear systems
alexis.farman.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
Ignacia Fierro PiccardoSupervisor(s): Prof T Betcke
Research Interests: Numerical analysis applied to Maxwell’s Boundary Integral Equations
maria.piccardo.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Amalia GjerloevSupervisor(s): Prof C Pagel and Dr S Crowe
Research Interests: Operational research related to healthcare and patient movement
a.gjerloev AT ucl.ac.uk
Teymour GraySupervisor(s): Dr L Garcia Martinez
Research Interests: Arithmetic Geometry and Number Theory
teymour.gray.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Holly GreenSupervisor(s): Prof V Dokchitser
Research Interests: Algebraic number theory, specifically elliptic and hyperelliptic curves
Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/~ucahhgr/
h.green.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Xin GuanSupervisor(s): Prof J-M Vanden-Broeck
Research Interests: Fluid Mechanics, Asymptotic Analysis and Numerical Calcilations on Water Waves
xin.guan.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Mahdi HaghshenasSupervisor(s): Dr M Hadzic
Research Interests: PDEs, Mathematical General Relativity, Geometric Analysis
 mahdi.haghshenas.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Samuel HarrisSupervisor(s): Prof NR McDonald
Research Interests: Wildfire front modelling, fluid dynamics, applied complex analysis techniques, mean curvature flow theory, boundary layer theory, asymptotic and numerical methods
sam.harris.16 AT ucl.ac.uk
Nathaniel HenmanSupervisor(s): Prof FT Smith and Prof M Tiwari (Mechanical Engineering)
Research Interests: Mathematical modelling of liquid droplet impact onto surfaces. Combination of simulation and analytical methods.
nat.henman.15 AT ucl.ac.uk
Anushka HeraleSupervisor(s): Dr D Hewitt and Dr P Pearce
Research Interests: Particle suspensions, Granular rheology, Blood flow, Sickle cell disease, Clogging, Yield stress fluids, Continuum modelling, non-Newtonian fluids
anushka.herale.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Courteney HirstSupervisor(s): Prof NR McDonalds
Research Interests: Vortex dynamics and applied complex analysis
courteney.hirst.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Edwin HollandsSupervisor(s): Dr E Segal
Research Interests: Equivalences and relationships between categories which describe singularities of algebraic schemes. From another perspective these are Landau-Ginzburg models which hold relevance in homological mirror symmetry
edwin.hollands.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Katherine HortonSupervisor(s): Dr B Hartmann
Research Interests: Black holes, in particular holographic superconductors
katherine.horton.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Nicholas JelicicSupervisor(s): Dr S Cooper
Research Interests: Operational research in Healthcare
nicholas.jelicic.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Gareth JenkinsSupervisor(s): Prof H Wilson
Research Interests: Discrete element method simulations, forensic trace materials, viscoelastic suspensions and models
gareth.jenkins.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Erik JenskoSupervisor(s): Dr C Boehmer
Research Interests: Theories of modified gravity, local Lorentz invariance of teleparallel gravity, and degrees of freedom in f(T) gravity
Website: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/~ucaheje/
erik.jensko.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Xintong JiSupervisor(s): Prof H Wilson
Research Interests: Fluid Models and PDEs, mainly on Nonlinear Systems in Rheology
Website: https://profiles.ucl.ac.uk/91002-xintong-ji
xintong.ji.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Ellen JolleySupervisor(s): Prof FT Smith
Research Interests: aircraft icing and fluid-body motion
ellen.jolley.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Srinath KailasaSupervisor(s): Prof T Betcke
Research Interests: High performance computing, specifically applying fast multipole and direct solvers to electromagnetic problems, taking advantage of heterogenous computing environments
Website: https://srinath.info/
srinath.kailasa.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Georges KassisSupervisor(s): Dr D Schwarz
Research Interests: Stochastic and Malliavin calculus, rough paths theory, functional analysis, (S)PDEs, probability theory, and machine Learning
georges.kassis.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Kyriakos KatsamaktsisSupervisor(s): Dr S Letzter
Research Interests: Extremal and Probabilistic combinatorics 
kyriakos.katsamaktsis.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Hugh KinnearSupervisor(s): Dr A Diaz De La O
Research Interests: Computational statistics, specifically applying Bayesian methods to Intensive care unit data
hugh.kinnear.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Alexandros KonstantinouSupervisor(s): Prof V Dokchitser
Research Interests: Algebraic Number Theory
alexandros.konstantinou.16 AT ucl.ac.uk
King Ming LamSupervisor(s): Dr M Hadzic
Research Interests: Analysis of PDEs
king.lam.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Alkaios LamprakisSupervisor(s): Prof NC Ovenden
Research Interests: Biomedical engineering, computational modelling, 3D/4D printing, ultrashort pulse lasers and Physics
alkaios.lamprakis.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Vivienne LeechSupervisor(s): Dr A Manhart
Research Interests: Environmental influence on the pattern formation of collectively moving cells
vivienne.leech.16 AT ucl.ac.uk
Zonglun LiSupervisor(s): Prof A Zaikin
Research Interests: Mathematical modelling of biological processes, complex networks analysis
Website: https://zonglunli7515.github.io/
zonglun.li.20 AT ucl.ac.uk

Dingli Liang

Supervisor(s): Prof D Burns (Kings College London)
Research Interests: Arithmetic geometry and Iwasawa theory, precisely non-commutative Iwasawa theory, Iwasawa theory over function field and equivariant Tamagawa Number Conjecture
dingli.liang.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Hang LouSupervisor(s): Dr H Ni
Research Interests: Financial Mathematics, High frequency data modelling, Rough paths theory and Machine Learning
hang.lou.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Yumin LuSupervisor(s): Dr A Tse
Research Interests: Optimal investment, stochastic control
yumin.lu.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
Andela MarkovicSupervisor(s): Prof KM Page
Research Interests: Mathematical and computational biology, mathematical modelling, stochastic processes
andela.markovic.16 AT ucl.ac.uk
Kobe Marshall-StevensSupervisor(s): Dr C Bellettini
Research Interests: Geometric Analysis
Website: https://kobe-marshall-stevens.github.io/
kobe.marshall-stevens.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Megan MastersSupervisor(s): Dr Y Naqvi
Research Interests: Geometric group theory, specifically Bruhat-Tits buildings and shadows in Coxeter complexes
megan.masters.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Jaime Mendizabal Roche

Supervisor(s): Prof M Singer
Research Interests: Differential geometry and gauge theory
Website: www.ucl.ac.uk/~ucahmen/

jaime.mendizabal.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Techheang Meng

Supervisor(s): Prof R Halburd
Research Interests: Finding particular meromorphic solutions of ODE including L-V systems and top equations, Nevanlinna Theory

techheang.meng.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Sebastian MonnetSupervisor(s): Dr R Newton (Kings College London)
Research Interests: Arithmetic Geometry, local-global principles and arithmetic statistics
Website: https://www.smonnet.com/home
sebastian.monnet.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Alp Muyesser

Supervisor(s): Dr A Pokrovskiy
Research Interests: Extremal and probabilistic combinatorics
Website: https://alpmuye.github.io/

alp.muyesser.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Michael NguyenSupervisor(s): Prof E R Johnson
Research Interests: Geophysical fluid dynamics and Oceanography
michael.nguyen.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Donnell ObovuSupervisor(s): Dr J Galkowski
Research Interests: Analysis of PDEs, Scattering Theory and semiclassical analysis
donnell.obovu.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Yohance OsborneSupervisor(s): Dr I Smears
Research Interests: PDE theory and numerical analysis of the Hamilton--Jacobi--Bellman equations, with applications to problems from mean field games
yohance.osborne.16 AT ucl.ac.uk
Mugad Oumgari AttahallahSupervisor(s): Dr D Schwarz
Research Interests: Financial Mathematics, option pricing, Quantum computing, Path dependent PDEs, Rough volatility models, fractional Brownian based SDEs, Maching learning
mugad.attahallah.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Devi PanigrahiSupervisor(s): Dr P Pearce
Research Interests: Mathematical Biology, Fluid Dynamics, Particle Dynamics and Soft Matter Physics
d.panigrahi AT ucl.ac.uk
Corijn RudrumSupervisor(s): Dr N Dogra (KCL)
Research Interests: Algebraic Number theory, specifically variations on the Chabauty-Coleman method for explicit computation of rational points on higher-genus curves
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/corijn-rudrum/home
 corijn.rudrum.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Ewan ScottSupervisor(s): Dr M Kwasigroch 
Research Interests: Many-Body Physics, Kondo Physics, Topological phase transitions and Superconductivity
ewan.scott.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Marialis SimoniSupervisor(s): Prof ER Johnson
Research Interests: Fluid Dynamics, Asymptotic Methods and Vortex Dynamics
marialis.simoni.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Abigail SmithSupervisor(s): Prof NC Ovenden
Research Interests: Complex mathematical modelling to benefit global health, including integration with Intensive Care, biomechanical modelling of the human body and epidemiological modelling of pandemics
abigail.smith.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Joshua SmithSupervisor(s): Dr D Hewett
Research Interests: Wave propagation, integral equations, elliptic PDEs, applied functional analysis and numerical analysis
joshua.smith.14 AT ucl.ac.uk
Enric Sole-FarreSupervisor(s): Dr L Foscolo
Research Interests: Special holonomy, gauge theory and their interactions
Website: https://enric-sf.github.io/
enric.sole-farre.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Thomas Caussade StrauszerSupervisor(s): Prof D Hewett
Research Interests: Integral equations, numerical analysis, wave propagation
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/thomas-caussade/home
Thomas Caussade Strauszer Profile | University College London (ucl.ac.uk)
thomas.caussade.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
Xiaoshu SunSupervisor(s): Prof T Betcke
Research Interests: Numerical analysis and scientific computing of boundary integral equations
xiaoshu.sun.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Jiajie TaoSupervisor(s): Prof H Ni
Research Interests: Financial Mathematics, Rough Paths theory and Machine Learning and Stochastic Differential Equations
jiajie.tao.21 AT ucl.ac.uk

Supervisor(s): Dr L Oksanen
Research Interests: PDE inverse problems

alexander.tetlow.17 AT ucl.ac.uk
Hannah Tillmann-MorrisSupervisor(s): Dr E Segal
Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry
hannah.tillmann-morris.19 AT ucl.ac.uk
Aporva VarshneySupervisor(s): Dr E Segal
Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry and Homological Algebra
Website: https://avarsh.github.io/
aporva.varshney.22 AT ucl.ac.uk
Thamarai VenkatachalamSupervisor(s): Prof A Corti (Imperial College London)
Research Interests: Algebraic Geometry
thamarai.venkatachalam.21 AT ucl.ac.uk
Marios VoskouSupervisor(s): Prof I Petridis
Research Interests: Analytic Number Theory, Spectral Theory of Automorphic Forms
marios.voskou.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Yuxuan WangSupervisor(s): Dr CA Garcia Trillos
Research Interests: Stochastic optimal control, BSDE, and time-inconsistent problem
yuxuan.wang AT ucl.ac.uk
Ella WilliamsSupervisor(s): Dr S Letzter
Research Interests: Graphy theory, extremal and probabilistic combinatorics
ella.williams.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
Myles WorkmanSupervisor(s): Dr C Busuioc
Research Interests: Geometric analysis and Calculus of Variations
Website: https://sites.google.com/view/myles-workman-math/home
myles.workman.16 AT ucl.ac.uk
Baoren XiaoSupervisor(s): Dr H Ni
Research Interests: Machine learning, Rough path theory, and Financial Mathematics
baoren.xiao.18 AT ucl.ac.uk
Kelvin XieSupervisor(s): Prof G Esler
Research Interests: Geophysical fluid dynamics
kelvin.xie.23 AT ucl.ac.uk
Shuo ZhaiSupervisor(s): Dr D Schwarz
Research Interests: Backward Stochastic Differential Equations and Equilibrium for incomplete markets
shuo.zhai.20 AT ucl.ac.uk
Alex ZhaoSupervisor(s): Prof A Zaikin
Research Interests: Neural Network, and AI in Active Media
alex.zhao.17 AT ucl.ac.uk