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GRRIPP - Gender Responsive Resilience and Intersectionality in Policy and Practice

4 November 2019

UCL IRDR Centre for Gender and Disaster is very pleased to announce the launch of its GRRIPP (Gender Responsive Resilience & Intersectionality in Policy and Practice) Project, a new global network funded by the UKRI Collective Fund.

GRRIPP word cloud, taken from IRDR website

GRRIPP brings together partners from Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), Southern Africa, South Asia and the UK to transform thinking around gender in disaster and conflict contexts.. This requires organisations to engage with indigenous and decolonial perspectives on gender and discrimination in crisis contexts. It also requires a grounded evidence base built on experience from researchers, practitioners and activists at the grass roots level.

GRRIPP aims to bring diverse local actors and their experiences to the table. With core project partners based in LAC, Southern Africa, South Asia and the UK, their network will collectively and democratically determine an agenda for change: facilitating knowledge exchange; enhancing solidarity; creating spaces for constructive dissent; and building an evidence base informed by grassroots knowledge and experience.

The project has been funded with a grant of £5.1m, and will involve partners from Middlesex, Loughborough, Brunel and Durham Universities in the UK, as well as international co-investigators from Peru, Bangladesh and South Africa.

The project's particular focus will be on resilience and with a special emphasis on gender responsive infrastructure; it seeks to understand and enhance people’s resilience to shocks, and support the development of more sustainable infrastructure, in all its diverse forms. The project also hopes to launch an innovative “Commissioning Programme” for a range of projects and activities in the Global South, which means they will be able to fund and support local initiatives directly. The remit of this programme will be developed democratically based on the priorities of partners in their focus regions.

Further details can be found on the UCL IRDR Website. The team can also be contacted via email at irdr_cgd@ucl.ac.uk