UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences


MAPS Faculty Education Awards 2019

29 July 2019

Each year the Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences recognises excellence in teaching from staff through the Faculty Education Awards (formerly Teaching Awards).

Teaching Awards

We are delighted to be able to announce the winners of the 2018 MAPS Faculty Education Awards. The winners are as follows.

Teaching Staff Category: Ali Mozaffari (Natural Sciences)

Postgraduate Teaching Assistant Category: Matteo Capoferri (Mathematics)

Support Staff Category: Selina Lovell (Physics & Astronomy)

Our congratulations and thanks to them for all of the hard work they have put in to deliver an exceptional learning experience for our students.

Ali Mozaffari (Winner of Teaching Staff Category):

Ali Mozaffari
Ali Mozaffari is Teaching Fellow and Admissions Tutor in UCL Natural Sciences.

"I'm very pleased to be recognised by the Faculty in this way.  Since coming to UCL, I have been keen to help our undergraduate students in the development of their researcher skills and now we have a model where from the moment they come in the door, they are working with PhD students on research topics.  Working in groups and thinking about grand challenges in an interdisciplinary way so early on in their studies can help solidify this approach in problems they will encounter later in their studies or professional life.  Hopefully we can make more use of smaller group learning and interactive assessment in more traditional courses soon too.”

Matteo Capoferri (Winner of PGTA Category): 

Matteo Capoferi
“I am delighted, grateful and honoured to have received this award. I was privileged to have amazing students, willing to learn and put in a lot of effort. Teaching PDEs to non-mathematicians can be challenging, so I decided to set up a practical interactive demonstration - the Chladni experiment - to show that the eigenfunctions of the Laplacian we studied in lectures are not just abstract mathematical concepts but can actually be experienced in real life. You can call it `experimental mathematics', if you wish!

I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching during my time at UCL and I hope I will be able to keep teaching for many years ahead, wherever life takes me. I would like to thank the UCL Maths department for giving me the opportunity to lecture my own course and my supervisor, Professor Dima Vassiliev, for his guidance and unfailing support."


Selina Lovell (Winner of Support Staff Category):

Selina Lovell
Selina Lovell is Senior Teaching & Learning Administrator managing the student support team in the Physics & Astronomy Department. Selina has been with UCL since 2017 having previously worked at King’s College London and for the NHS in teaching, research and clinical areas. She has a particular interest in supporting students with different learning needs and developing the roles of Professional Services staff.

“It is very rewarding to work directly with students and in particular to support those who may find access to higher education more challenging. Supporting all students at such a critical moment in their lives is an honour and your actions are remembered. Professional Services are key to enhancing the student experience and provide the necessary framework for a successful educational institution”.