UCL Mathematical & Physical Sciences


Excellence Award Winners MAPS 2016

25 January 2016

Andrea Sella in Lab…

Professor Andrea Sella, Chemistry (Environmental Sustainability) Professor Sella has campaigned to reduce water consumption in his building. Working with colleagues and implementing innovative methods resulted in a reduction in consumption circa 60-75%, which had clear environmental and financial benefits. We were delighted that this scientific approach had been integrated into student learning.

Jörg Saßmannshausen, Computer Officer, Chemistry (Environmental Sustainability) Jörg was instrumental in upgrading the Chemistry High Performance Computing clusters, which resulted in his department saving energy in the long term. The panel recognised the foresight, personal skills, tenacity and commitment to the UCL community it took to to drive this change through.

Russell Evans…

Dr Russell Evans, Admissions & Examinations Administrator, Statistical Science (Excellence) Russell received an unprecedented number of nominations for the excellent support he offers colleagues.

It was noted that Russell is someone who stands out as an employee who always goes the extra mile, particularly where identifying and improving existing processes to make them more efficient.