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Seeing in 4D

31 March 2014

Seeing in 4D

Jason Lotay (UCL Maths) and Lilah Fowler (UCL Slade School of Fine Art) recently held a public workshop on maths and art, exploring the geometry of 4 dimensions through drawing, folding and making shapes.

By combining practical activities with the presentation, Lotay and Fowler created fascinating objects and understood their role in cutting-edge mathematics.

Lotay gave the interactive maths presentation, which involved many pictures, animations and videos, and described a number of aspects of geometry, relating it to the everyday, science, popular culture, literature and art. He also described aspects of his own research and advances at the forefront of modern mathematics. 

Fowler led the practical activities including drawing, folding paper to make an artwork which appears in her own work, and a final making activity to realise an object that comes from 4 dimensions and which is relevant to Lotay's research.

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