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MAPS IE Seminar: Prosperity Partnership with Google to grow the Quantum Software Industry in the UK

15 November 2023, 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Enterprise & Innovation Seminar

We welcome Professor Andrew Green, Chair of Condensed Matter Physics, who works in the London Centre for Nanotechnology, as our guest speaker for this MAPS Innovation & Enterprise Seminar. He will be discussing the Prosperity Partnership with Google to grow the Quantum Software Industry in the UK.

This event is free.

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Maria Mediero (on behalf of MAPS Vice-Dean IE Prof Nguyen TK Thanh)


A 1/3 Physics Building (3rd Floor)
Gower Street
United Kingdom

UCL joined forces with Google to launch a £5.5m Prosperity Partnership, which aims to harness the revolutionary power of quantum computers for applications in modelling and simulation, in a bid to develop the foundation of a quantum software industry in the UK. The initiative, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), is a collaboration between the UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute, Google Quantum AI Lab and the University of Bristol Quantum Information Institute. It also includes UK start-up companies GTN and PhaseCraft. It officially started on the 1st of January 2019. 

Quantum computers have tremendous promise to understand and predict the behaviour of materials and chemical reactions – issues that are fundamental to materials and drug discovery. The quantum mechanical effects in these systems makes them very hard to accurately model using current supercomputers. While the performance of quantum computers currently falls short of this promise, the pace of development is rapid. The prosperity partnership was founded to develop the algorithms, verification tools and benchmarks needed to realise the power of quantum simulation and the provide the foundation of a nascent quantum software industry in the UK.

The technical leads on the project from UCL are John Morton, Toby Cubitt, Dan Browne, Andrew Green and Simone Severini. 

Hear from the Professor Andrew Green, who will share his journey and involvement throughout this partnership with Google and other quantum hardware companies. The talk will:

  • Identify the key drivers and critical moments of attaining the prosperity partnership.
  • Explain how it has evolved since the beginning of the partnership.
  • Present what he sees as the challenges and opportunities for those wishing to embark on a similar journey in their department.
  • Draw attention to the benefits this partnership has brought to his academic career, his colleague’s careers, and the LCN.

Please have your questions ready for Andrew.

15th November 1pm - 2pm

A 1/3 Physics Building (3rd Floor), Gower, Street, WC1E 6BT

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More on the Speaker: Prof Andrew Green

Photo of speaker Professor Andrew Green

Andrew Green is a Professor in the London Centre for Nanotechnology at UCL. His research embraces a broad range of fundamental questions in many body quantum mechanics and the translation of insights gained from this to efficient quantum code. Before moving to UCL in 2011, Prof Green spent a decade in St Andrews. He completed his PhD n 1997 in the University of Oxford, took a Lindemann Fellowship to Princeton, followed by a fellowship at Trinity College Cambridge and a Royal Society University Research Fellowship in Oxford, before moving to St Andrews. He is a former Visiting Miller Professor in UC Berkeley, and former EPSRC Leadership Fellow. 

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