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Showcase of a Quantum Computing Start-Up from the Co-Founder and CTO of Quantum Motion John Morton

24 May 2023, 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

Enterprise & Innovation Seminar

We welcome Prof John Morton, Co-Founder and CTO of Quantum Motion and Director of UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute, UCL as our guest speaker for this MAPS IE Seminar: Showcase of a Quantum Computing Start-Up

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Ethne James-Souch (on behalf of MAPS Vice-Dean IE Prof Nguyen TK Thanh)


A 1/3 LT
Physics Building
Gower Street

Quantum Motion is a quantum computing start-up founded by leading academics from UCL's Quantum Science and Technology Institute (UCLQ) and the University of Oxford.

The team at Quantum Motion combines deep expertise in fault tolerant quantum architectures with the the hardware knowledge to realise qubits in silicon and cryogenic integrated circuits. The development of a fault tolerant quantum processor will introduce computing capabilities far beyond the reach of today's supercomputers, while even the emerging noisy intermediate-scale quantum processors (NGOs) are expected to offer computation advantage in specific applications. Quantum computers will ultimately power high-impact applications in areas vital for human progress in the 21st century: in-software discovery of new chemicals, materials and drugs; the reduction of wastage through optimisation of resource usage; and potentially enabling new models for AI and machine learning.

Hear from the co-founder and CTO, John Morton, who will share his journey of translating his academic research into a revolutionary technology platform and company. The talk will:

  • Identify what Quantum Motion understood to be the critical moments for their existence;
  • Explain how Quantum Motion has evolved into an organisation it is today;
  • Present what John sees as challenges and opportunities for those wishing to embark on a similar journey;
  • Draw attention to the benefits that Quantum Motion brings to his academic career. 

Please have your questions ready for John.

In-person A1/3 Physics Building (3rd Floor) Gower Street, WC1E 6BT.

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More on the Speaker: Prof John Morton, Co-Founder and CTO of Quantum Motion

Professor John Morton Picture

John Morton is a Professor of Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics at UCL, and Director of the UCL Quantum and Technology Institute (UCLQ) which includes over 120 researchers and 30 research groups. John's research involves the development of quantum technologies such a quantum computers and quantum sensors, using spins in semiconductors such as silicon.

After reading Electrical Engineering at University of Cambridge, John undertook a PhD (D.Phil) at University of Oxford, to work on techniques for controlling spins as quantum bits.

John was a Royal Society University Research Fellow from 2008 - 2016, and he has held back-to-back European Research Commission (ERC) grants. His awards include the Nicholas Kurti European Science Prize (2008), the Institute of Physics Moseley Medal (2013) in experimental Physics, and the Sackler International Prize in Physical Sciences (2016).

John has published over 130 papers with 11,000 citations and has a h-index of 48. He has co-founded three companies in the field of quantum technology, covering quantum computing hardware and software. John has been active in the public engagement of science, including public exhibitions, documentaries, radio broadcasts and popular articles on quantum science and technology.  

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