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[Virtual Event] Talking Asteroids

30 June 2020, 4:00 pm–7:00 pm

Talking Asteroids event flyer

Staff from UCL Observatory are organising a livestream as part of Asteroid Day, 30th June, featuring notable guest speakers from ESA, Birkbeck, and UCLO.

This event is free.

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Dr Mark Fuller
Find out where Asteroids come from, how dangerous they really are and what we could learn and make from them.

About this Event

A collection of four talks from notable speakers with Q&A sessions

4pm to 6:30pm BST 30/06/20


Dr Marco Micheli (ESA NEO Coordianation Centre)

“ESA: The danger from Asteroids and what can we do?”


Dr. Mohamed Ramy El-Maarry (Birkbeck UoL)

“So why do we even have an Asteroid Belt? A journey back to our solar system formation”


Prof Hilary Downes (Birkbeck UoL)

“What can meteorites tell us about Asteroids”


Prof Ian Crawford (Birkbeck UoL)

“Asteroid and lunar resources.”


and Guests (UCL, UCL Observatory)


Target Audience: From 16 year and up with an interest in Astronomy.

For your free ticket join us on the 30th June 4pm BST start