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Nathan Green

Dr Nathan Green is an Advanced Research Fellow in the UCL department of Statistical Science.

MAPS Spotlight

1 July 2021

Nathan Green - Statistical Science
Nathan joined the Department of Statistical Science remotely in May 2020, in the midst of Covid-19. Before joining UCL, he worked as a Statistician and Mathematical Modeller Research Fellow in the Department of Infectious Diseases at Imperial College London. 

Nathan works on building Bayesian models for health economics and has recently been focused on coding in the R programming language. He has been involved in a workshop organised by his group around Health Technology Assessment using R and is looking forward to publishing the code he’s produced for others to use.

In recent years you could call my work Data Science but it's the same basic work that I’ve always done. This is a mix of data analysis and modelling using my maths and stat background, but also computing skills to obtain, clean, organise data and post-process into pretty graphs.

Like many new staff members, Nathan started working at UCL during lockdown and hasn’t physically visited the department yet. This said he’s enjoyed the welcoming attitude at UCL, including the monthly random coffee breaks. 

When asked about starting during lockdown, he responded:

Well, I started during lockdown and I’m still to properly go into the department so my days currently consist of sitting at my PC in my lounge a lot. It’s hard to say very much about UCL’s campus!  Even though everything has been remote, people have been very welcoming. There's a monthly ‘Random coffee break’ with randomly pairing-off member of staff for a Zoom chat

Originally from Chester, Nathan has moved across the North West, working for the University of Manchester and the Ministry of Defence doing chemical and biological warning and reporting for several years, applying novel Bayesian Inference ideas. He moved back into academia and the field of public health in 2010. Nathan settled in London to work for Public Health England eight years ago, and now he can’t imagine living anywhere else.

When asked about his hobbies, Nathan responded:

Before lockdown, I used to do some stand-up comedy and organised a few science-based stand-up events. I hope I’ll get to start doing this again soon, maybe organising something at UCL!