Manufacturing Futures Lab


Research Pods and Teaching Facilities

MFL research and teaching activities are delivered in state-of-the-art and purpose-designed laboratories. Staff and students benefit from all the facilities at UCL East as well as the main campus

MFL research is focused on the creation of next-generation manufacturing technologies and research activity occurs in 6 purpose-designed research pods (each approximately 250 m2). These provide shared, collaborative space for MFL staff and researchers to study individual technologies as well as to explore end-to-end manufacturing processes employing a variety of chemical, biological and physical process steps. Each research pod is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art process and analytical equipment. Individual pods are designed to support specialized research needs:

  • Integrated Synthesis Pod: discovery and development of chemical and biological catalysts and new synthetic routes
  • Continuous Processing Pod: creation of continuous, automated and digital process technologies
  • Intensified Processing Pod: development of high temperature-pressure operations for enhanced productivity
  • Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Pod: creation of high-resolution additive manufacturing technologies and laser-based analytics
  • Bioprocessing Pod: exploitation of fermentation and bioconversion processes for utilization of renewable feedstocks
  • Nanoscale Manufacturing Pod: creation of advanced materials based on self-assembly and nanoscale manufacturing technologies

The MFL Masters programmes are delivered in modern, high-quality teaching spaces within the Marshgate building. These support the delivery of lectures and tutorials and student participation in group-based and collaborative projects. Practical, hands-on, modules are delivered in spacious, purpose-designed engineering teaching laboratories. Teaching laboratory activities are supported by a further 6 technical staff. When undertaking their individual research projects, MFL MSc students are able to use facilities both at UCL East and on the main Bloomsbury campus, depending upon the specific needs of their research.

MFL staff also participate in a range of industry outreach activities and the delivery of modular, continual professional development (CPD) courses for industrialists e.g. the UCL Modular Training for the Bioprocess Industries MBI Programme. Doctoral and post-doctoral researchers within MFL are also able to attend these CPD courses as part of their own career development. CPD modules are delivered in the UCL East Management Education Suite which provides high-quality teaching, case-study and networking space. It also provides an ideal environment for training delivery using Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technologies.