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Industrial Training

UCL Biochemical Engineering offers a diverse range of professional development opportunities for individuals and companies to stay ahead in the fast-moving bioprocessing industry.

The Modular Training for the Bioprocess Industries (MBI) programme pioneered by UCL Biochemical Engineering is a series of intensive short courses designed for professionals in the bioprocessing industry. The MBI Programme has a long history of equipping the bioprocessing industry's workforce with up-to-date skills and knowledge of process options in order to rapidly develop validatible, efficient and robust processes. It also provides invaluable insights on the latest technical and regulatory developments and achieves this via a flexible route that provides ongoing motivation, creativity and professional status for delegates.

MBI has educated more than 1500 individuals across 300 companies since its inception and is increasingly attracting global attention with 50% of companies attending MBI courses based outside the UK.

These courses are led by senior UCL Biochemical Engineering Faculty members and in collaboration with over 70 industrial experts.These courses attract a diverse cohort of students ranging from life scientists and process engineers, who are hands-on in development and manufacture to group leaders, senior-level directors, and executives who are keen to gain insights into current trends in new therapy areas, regulatory affairs and cutting edge research.

Emphasis is on teaching through interactive problem solving case studies in small classes for effective learning. Each course is UCL-accredited and can be taken individually or combined for a Masters level qualification.

Key Benefits of MBI:

  • Knowledge transfer and upskilling in core bioprocessing fundamentals and trends in industry
  • Gain a deeper understanding of process options and engineering constraints
  • Acquire the tools to optimise process performance and economics
  • Updates on the latest technical and regulatory developments
  • Access to cutting edge research methodologies
  • Network with sector leaders and subject matter experts
  • Flexible professional development and options for qualifications
  • Increase flexibility, motivation, creativity and professional status
  • Complements in-house training by providing broader perspectives for more informed decision-making
MBI Short Courses

MBI Courses

Discover our MBI short courses

MBI Qualifications

MSc Bioprocessing (via MBI)

Combine MBI short courses into a MSc

VISION Leadership

VISION Leadership Programme

Leadership training tailored for the bioindustry

Strategic Training Packages

UCL Biochemical Engineering can offer a comprehensive training package for your organisation. We can package courses for a group or individuals attending multiple courses. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Customised Courses

UCL Biochemical Engineering is able to provide customised courses for organisations who have specific training requirements or require niche learning guidance. We will work closely with you to identify your training needs and determine whether existing course material can be adapted or if you will need a course custom built from the ground-up. Please contact us in order to discuss your requirements.

Other Short Courses

Ludmila Ruban offers the Stem Cell Training course: Human Pluripotent Stem Cells in Culture with flexible course dates based on cohort numbers. Please contact l.ruban@ucl.ac.uk for more details.