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VISION Leadership Programme

Hone your leadership qualities and adapt your approach to business challenges to enhance your performance and benefit your organisation.

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UCL Biochemical Engineering pioneered the VISION Leadership Programme in 2010 to cater specifically for current and future leaders in the bioindustry.

VISION provides leadership insights through intellectual analysis and intensive, practical learning to provide you with the tools required to drive innovation, entrepreneurship and global leadership in your organisation. Senior experts will share their knowledge and experience of putting into practice the latest advancements in their respective fields in an environment.

University College London is one of the world's top multidisciplinary universities, with an international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching. The Department of Biochemical Engineering is acknowledged as the UK Centre of Excellence in the field. Our research addresses challenges in three key sectors of the advanced bioprocessing industries: industrial biotechnology, macromolecular medicines and cell therapy bioprocessing. Due to our strong international reputation, we are uniquely positioned to partner with key industrial leaders to create an innovative programme.

The VISION Leadership Programme combines management thinking with innovative research to assist leaders in the bioindustry field. Previously held in 2016 and 2017 in the USA, VISION is a global programme attracting an international audience of delegates and speakers.

VISION is recommended for:

  • Managers and practitioners fast tracked for executive roles or intending to move into leadership positions.
  • Current executives intending to interact with fellow leaders and expert speakers to debate and exchange novel thoughts and opinions.
  • Funding agencies wanting to interact with present and future thought leaders to gain insights into the sector trends and skills required to navigate the changing bioindustry landscape.

Programme Leaders

  • Prof Eli Keshavarz-Moore: Professor of Bioprocess Science and Enterprise, Vice-Dean (International), University College London
  • Dr Naveraj Gill: Strategic Alliance Director, University College London
Individual Benefit
  • Know how to make the transition from science and engineering based decision making towards company-wide strategic solutions
  • Build an invaluable network with peers and experts from academia and industry who challenge, stimulate and inspire you
  • Gain perspectives on leadership challenges and critical business issues facing bioindustry globally and formulate actions to address these
  • Learn from real life cases studies how to succeed in making difficult decisions, also devising and implementing strategies to secure a more robust future for your business
  • Access and share best practices from experts on how to be a good leader and avoid pitfalls in constantly evolving market
  • Achieve your personal development and career objectives
  • Evaluate the impact of key innovative research and technologies on the future of business and manufacturing
Benefit for your Organisation
  • Maximise team building, facilitate joint learning and strategic alignment when several key members from an organization attend VISION together
  • Complement in-house training for succession planning and talent development
  • Gain key considerations for driving and navigating changes in business to stay ahead 
  • Enhance agility of your organization and how to translate knowledge into commercial benefit
  • Access tools for effectively working across a multi- disciplinary business, holistically identify problems, formulate strategies and adapt to change

VISION at UCL provides an opportunity for senior leaders in the life science industries to do a deep dive into the current and pressing issue of this industry. The interactive three day format provides a forum to ask the difficult questions at the heart of this dynamic industry and explore innovative solutions. Why, at a time of unprecedented scientific discovery is the research productivity of the industry falling?
How can we extract, translate and apply the lessons from building new companies into an established industry? The focus on innovation in a virtual and politically diverse world provides real-time learning. The participants bring a diverse perspective on the issues facing the industry and the resulting discussion provided fascinating and insightful answers that greatly sharpened by thinking on problems at hand. As a consequence of the interaction with colleagues and faculty, this course builds a community that together develop a deeper understanding of the issues as well as the strategies to navigate the path forward." - Professor Charles Cooney, MIT

"VISION is a ground-breaking programme specifically tailored for Senior Executives in biopharma. The courses, briefings and workshops provide invaluable insights into the major challenges faced at Executive Team level every day. They also highlight the opportunities and creative solutions that can be utilised to tackle those challenges head on. I thoroughly recommend it." - Dr Neil Weir, CEO, Sitryx

"What sets the VISION programme apart from other courses in the leadership and innovation space is the bio-industry –focused  approach, teaching through real cases studies taught by current leaders who have experienced first-hand how it is done and what pitfalls to avoid." - Rahul Singhvi, Takeda Vaccines