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Supporting teachers to educate pupils about the Holocaust

The Holocaust was an atrocity which raises questions that reverberate to the present day. Teaching the facts can be as challenging as fully comprehending them. The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education provides a unique research-informed programme to support teachers.

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The UCL Centre for Holocaust Education is the only specialist institution in the world supporting teachers in the classroom with the best in contemporary research about the Holocaust. Around one million pupils have experienced a deeper emotional and intellectual engagement with this topic as a result of its work.

In 2009, the centre produced the first national empirical portrait of English teachers’ attitudes to teaching about the Holocaust and has published the world’s largest study of young people’s understanding of this complex and emotionally challenging subject. 

The research found that just 37% of students surveyed knew what the term ‘antisemitism’ means and a third massively underestimated the scale of the murder of the Jewish people, with 10% believing that no more than 100,000 lives were lost.

By supporting teachers in the classroom with the best in contemporary research, CPD and resources, the Centre for Holocaust Education continues to support those who teach about one of the most horrific atrocities in history and the profound questions it raises about humanity.

It is the only institution in the field whose teacher development is quality assured – the Masters course The Holocaust in the Curriculum is validated by UCL and has a chief examiner from the University of Oxford. 
Sir Trevor Pears CMG, Executive Chairman of the Pears Foundation said:

The Centre for Holocaust Education is a truly world-class programme, located within a university ranked first in the world for education. Its unique combination of academic research and practical expertise has enabled it to create an extraordinary programme to help teachers grapple with one of the darkest periods in human history in all its complexity.



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