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Empowering young girls to meet their full potential

UCL students have established a volunteering programme to empower young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to meet their full potential.

Empowering young girls to meet their full potential
Social status should not define your future, only your willpower and eagerness to succeed.

On and Up: Women in Finance gives girls aged 14 to 18 the knowledge and skills they need to secure a successful career in finance. The programme is helping young girls to realise the strength they have to become what they want, no matter where they come from. 

Students Emilia Vandamme, studying Spanish and Management Studies, and Ieva Karvelyte, studying Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods, established the programme in August 2018. 

The workshops cover everything from selecting A-levels, applying to university to getting their dream job. The volunteers help the girls with their CVs, Personal Statements, and any questions regarding the applications process.

Emilia explained:

We wanted to give these girls the same opportunity that we were given, and make sure they realised that just because they were from a disadvantaged background this did not mean that they couldn't be the next CEO of Amazon or Paypal.

They ran the first series of workshops at Aylward Academy in Enfield, London.

Ieva commented:

It was absolutely breath-taking to see the excitement in their eyes. It has truly been incredible to see the change we have made through this programme and we only hope that it continues in the future. We want women to feel strong, powerful and take charge, whichever background they come from.   



  • Credit/Source: On & UP: Women in Finance volunteering