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We aim to provide our students with the skills to become not only successful creative researchers, but leaders in their field.

Research degrees

The Lungs for Living Research Centre has an established track record in providing high-quality training to PhD students interested in basic, translational and clinical research in the areas of lung cancer and airway stem cells.

Current PhD students and Clinical Training Fellows

  • Jessica Allen-Hyttinen - Molecular signals involved in human lung regeneration and development, funded by the Medical Research Council (UCL-Birkbeck MRC Doctoral Training Programme)
  • Lama Alqahtani - Role of microbiome in pre-invasive lung cancer lesion outcome, funded by Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau
  • Amany Ammar - Interrogation of intrinsic and extrinsic determinants of alveolar epithelial cell regeneration potential, funded by Newton-Mosharafa Fund
  • Jessica Orr - Molecular signals involved in human lung regeneration and development, funded by BREATH/Longfonds
  • Hugh Selway - In silico testing of hypotheses for lung cancer development
  • Zoe Whiteman - Investigating the role of dysregulated PI3K signalling in the progression of lung squamous cell carcinoma, funded by Cancer Research UK
  • Kaylee Worlock - Molecular signals involved in human lung regeneration and development, funded by the Medical Research Council
  • Dr Tom Callender - Personalising Lung Cancer Screening with Machine Learning, funded by the Wellcome Trust
  • Dr Sarah Clarke - Understanding the role of respiratory epithelial basal cells in lung disease, funded by GSK
  • Dr Rebecca Giddings - Investigating the utility of machine learning methods to predict prognosis and guide treatment decisions for people with lung cancer (Lung-ORACLE)
  • Dr Ryan Khaw - Genomic and immune profiling and characterization of screen-detected lung cancers, funded by Cancer Research UK and GRAIL
  • Dr Maral Rouhani - Understanding the drivers of upper airway squamous cancer progression, funded by Cancer Research UK

Recent PhD and MD graduates

  • Dr Lukas Kalinke, 2022, Preinvasive lung squamous cell disease: clonal architecture, transcriptomic regulation and tissue sparing therapy.
  • Dr Helen Halll, 2022, Analysis of screen-detected lung cancers’ genomic traits (ASCENT): Risk stratification and implications for clinical management.
  • Dr Henry Yung, 2022, Molecular signals involved in human lung regeneration and development.
  • Dr Rebecca Graham, 2022, Investigating the immunostimulatory role of mesenchymal stromal cells in the treatment of lung cancer.
  • Dr Panagiota Chondrou, 2021, The role of SPARC in the pathogenesis of squamous cell lung cancer.
  • Dr Sophia Antoniou, 2021, FTIR Spectroscopy of buccal cells to identify an infrared spectral signature of Lung Cancer.
  • Dr Sophie Tisi, 2021, Implementing Low Dose CT Screening For Lung Cancer: The Role of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.
  • Dr Adam Pennycuick, 2020, The molecular pathogenesis of squamous cell lung cancer.
  • Dr Samantha Arathimou, 2020, Characterisation of normal human pleural mesothelium to understand malignant pleural mesothelioma.
  • Dr Doraid Alrifai, 2020, Enhancing the effect of Tumour necrosis factor - Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand (TRAIL) in malignant pleural mesothelioma.
  • Dr Deepak Chandrasekharan, 2020, The role of KRT5+ progenitors in chronic otitis media.
  • Dr Carolyn Horst, 2020, Implementing streamlined radiology reporting and clinical results management in low-dose CT screening for lung cancer.
  • Dr Alice Davies, 2020, Cell and gene therapy for the treatment of metastatic lung cancer.
  • Dr Ricky Thakrar, 2019, The role of minimally invasive endoscopic techniques in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of lung cancer.
  • Dr Elizabeth Maughan, 2019, Strategies for tissue engineered airway epithelialisation in fetal and paediatric populations.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching

Members of the Centre actively contribute to the undergraduate MBBS, iBSc, BSc and Masters teaching programmes within the Division. The Centre provides BSc and MSc/MRes research project supervision for highly motivated students.

UCL’s cutting edge new MSc in Respiratory Clinical Science has been designed for those who seek to lead the way in the growing field of Respiratory Medicine – as clinicians or as scientists. This MSc will focus on the study of the scientific and clinical basis of Respiratory diseases with all courses and modules directed towards understanding disease and the effects on patients. To learn more about this programme click here.


Interested in joining the team?

If you have a good academic record, are interested in a career in biological science or academic medicine and would like to discuss opportunities in our Centre, please contact the Principal Investigator or Senior Research Associate whose research area most interests you.

Current students

UCL provides a range of opportunities to expand your research and transferable skills and to support your mental and physical wellbeing:

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