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LCN Facilities and Safety

This section of the Website will cover Health, Safety, and Facilities information for those working in the department and visitors to the department. In all cases, if you would like more information, please contact the Safety and Facilities Manager (Ralph Hick, r.hick@ucl.ac.uk).

Health and Safety Handbook

The LCN Health and Safety Handbook is the main source of safety information in the department and everyone who uses the department should read it. To support the Handbook, Guidance Notes and Health and Safety Forms have been created, which can be found in a link further below. 

LCN Health and Safety Handbook

Safety Committee

The LCN Health and Safety Management Committee is the focal point for health, safety, and fire safety compliance. It aims are to support LCN staff to ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach for health and safety management within the LCN Building. It meets approximately three times per year, receives reports from all departmental safety officers, reviews any safety incident reports, and discusses any significant policy changes. Minutes of the meetings can be obtained from Ralph Hick.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the committee can be found below. Terms of Reference


LCN Director (Chair)Steve Bramwell
Departmental Safety Officer (Vice Chair)Ralph Hick
Deputy Departmental Safety Officervacant
Laser Safety OfficerSabrina Simoncelli
GM Safety Officervacant
Information Systems ManagerFabrice Ducluzeau
Departmental ManagerYael Moscou
Academic RepresentativeSteven Schofield
Postdoctoral Researcher RepresentativeSarah Goodband
Postgraduate RepresentativeDiego Barlettani
Union RepresentativeTaylor Stock
Wellbeing ChampionLopa Murgai
Secretary to Committeevacant
Estates Safety AdvisorRussell Ham
Safety Objectives

LCN Safety Objectives

The Departmental Objectives for 2023-24 are:

  1. Safety Inspections: All labs to have a safety inspection by September 2024. All labs to perform recorded Monthly Safety Checks, assessed in Lab Inspections.
  2. Wellbeing: Department to have one large Wellbeing campaign completed by October 2024.
  3. Lab Storage: Labs to arrange a regular self-organised tidy up once a year. Department to organise storage for lab equipment that is not currently in use by June 2024.
  4. Safety Risk Management Training: All Managers to complete the Safety Risk Management Programme training by September 2024.
  5. Safety Training: Department to increase Safety Training & Completion to 95% (as required by UCL).

UCL Safety Objectives

The UCL Safety Objectives are published on the UCL webpage each year.

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    LCN Health and Safety Forms

    Please find the LCN Health and Safety Forms and Guidance Notes here.

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    LCN Access Requirements

    Find out how to access the building and labs.

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    Facilities Management and Operations

    Find out information on Facilities Management and Operations in the department.

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    Risk Assessments

    Find out how to write good risk assessments and the risk assessment approval procedures in the LCN.

    Incident Reporting

    Reporting Hazard Observations, Near Misses, Injuries, and Other Incidents means that issues can be investigated and new control measures put in to prevent accidents in the future. In the Swiss Cheese Model, each hole represents a flaw which could cause an incident to happen. If these flaws are reported early (e.g. by Hazard Observations or Near Misses), the holes can be patched or made smaller up by introducing new control measures. It is only when a number of flaws line up that accidents happen. To this end, please continue to report any hazards, misses, or incidents using the riskNET link below:

    Report an Incident