London Centre for Nanotechnology Research Groups


Facilities Management and Operations

The Facilities and Safety Office is overseen by the LCN Facilities Manager/DSO who is responsible for ensuring that critical infrastructure is maintained in order to fully support the needs of research by:

  • Monitoring the proper functioning of plant equipment, building services, infrastructure, environment and safety condition (e.g. lighting, heating, water, sanitary services)
  • Overseeing all building modification and refurbishment projects.
  • Planning, organising and implementing preventive, corrective, proactive maintenance and cost reduction and energy saving programmes.
  • Monitoring all complaints regarding building facilities and making the necessary arrangements to resolve them.
  • Organising and overseeing the cleaning of all LCN areas.
  • Ensuring all LCN Lab/Office and common areas are equipped with correct furniture and equipment.

Building Maintenance and Cleaning

The maintenance of the fabric of the LCN building and its key services and plant are the responsibility of the UCL Estates and Facilities Division (EFD), as are the internal and external cleaning regimes. Day-to-day upkeep of the LCN building is managed by the Facilities and Safety Manager.

Building Maintenance and Repair

All faults within the LCN building (and external area) such as heating and cooling issues, lights not working, toilets not working etc. should be reported immediately to the Facilities and Safety Manager on extension 07844. If neither of these contacts are available then the matter can be reported to the EFD Customer Services Centre on extension 30000. If a situation arises that needs attention at weekends or out of hours, then the emergency number should be contacted on extension 222.

All modification works to the LCN building whether carried out internally or via external contractors must be notified to the Facilities Manager/DSO, extension 07844, prior to the work commencing.


All cleaning, re-stocking of soap, towels etc. within the LCN is carried out early in the morning by the UCL Cleaning Services. Cleanliness of the LCN is monitored by the Facilities and Safety Office on a regular basis. However, if there are any complaints regarding cleaning within the LCN or additional cleans, such as full laboratory deep cleans, are required then please contact the Facilities and Safety Manager to arrange this. Cleaning of laboratories can be carried out by using the “yellow card” scheme, whereby a special card is attached to the door of the laboratory informing the cleaners that the room is safe to enter and clean. It is important to note here that as the cleaning is carried out early the following morning, that the next day’s date is written on the card.

Common User Areas and Services

Common user areas and facilities are available throughout the LCN for the benefit of all staff and students. Common user facilities and services are managed by the LCN Facilities and Service Office and include the breakout areas, reception, kitchenette areas, postal services, room bookings, conference call and projector facilities.

Postal services - Regular mail (either internal or external) can be deposited in the outgoing mail tray on the fifth floor to be sent via UCL's post services. For large packages, please refer to UCL guidelines on sending items by courier. Items to be sent via courier, such as SMA, can be left at reception for collection.

Room bookings

Currently the Marshall Stoneham Room and the Mike Horton suite are bookable for meeting purposes via Outlook calendars. Please add either "~17-19GordonSt.Mike Horton Suite 5.C1.(10).LCN" or "~17-19GordonSt.Marshall Stoneham Room 5.01.(8).LCN" to your meeting invite as attendees to book the room for your desired slot. This is an automated system which will confirm the booking if the room is available or else notify you if the room is not available at your chosen time. Availability can be checked by looking for the room calendars using the above labels in Outlook calendars. For issues relating to IS provisions in the rooms please contact the IS team.

Common User Areas including Kitchens

Kitchen and breakout areas are located on floors 4, 3, 2 and -1 for use by all LCN staff and guests. Users are reminded to keep these areas clean and tidy and leave them in an acceptable condition for other building users (e.g. mopping up spills). There are also combination water boiler/coolers for use in these areas (as well as an additional one in the fifth floor open plan office).

If there are any problems with common-user areas then please contact the Facilities and Safety Manager.

Notice and White boards

There are fixed white boards in the breakout/meeting areas of the LCN on levels 4, 3, and 2. If there are any issues with white boards then please contact the Facilities and Safety Manager.


The key aim of the Facilities and Service Office is to provide a safe and secure working environment to all LCN and UCL staff, students and visitors.

In order to do this, the Facilities and Service Office will:

  • Deal with all emergencies and security breaches
  • Ensure the monitoring of CCTV and all building alarms
  • Ensure the main LCN reception area is appropriately staffed
  • Offer advice and guidance on all matters relating to Security at the LCN
  • Ensure the provision of access cards
  • Install and maintain any LCN alarm systems
  • Manage the issue of keys

Key issue

All key issues are managed by the Facilities Manager and keys are issued on request of the Principal Investigator and/or Laboratory Manager for the area for which access is needed. A form is then issued to be taken to UCL Access Systems (with some form of photo ID) for collection.

Working Hours and Out of Hours




Monday to Friday

08:00 - 18:00

Normal Hours

Monday to Friday

07:00 - 08:00

18:00 - 23:00

Out of Hours - Please follow Lone Working Guidelines.

Weekends, College Closures

0800 - 23:00

Out of Hours - Please follow Lone Working Guidelines.


23:00 - 08:00

Overnight Period, No Access unless by Special Arrangement.

Christmas, Easter and Maintenance Shutdowns

24 Hours

Closed,  No Access

For lone working procedures, please see the relevant H&S Guidance Note.  In addition, there are further details about access procedures and lone working specific to the Cleanroom facilities in their subsection of this website.

Overnight Periods

In general, no persons may access or remain in the LCN once security lock the building at around 23:00. Equipment can be left running if suitable risk assessed and there are no inherrant hazards in doing so. If you need to access the building during this time for any reason, it is possible to arrange in advance via the Facilities and Safety Manager and UCL Security teams.

Closed Periods
UCL has a shutdown during Christmas and Easter holidays, and maintenance of equipment may also require Cleanroom shutdowns. No access is permitted except for maintenance staff during these periods, and equipment will be turned off.  Dates will be notified in advance.