London Centre for Nanotechnology Research Groups


Access Requirements

This is a guide for Managers and Principle Investigators detailing the induction process for their new starters. It will cover new UCL-based LCN Staff and Students, including CDT students.

New UCL-based Staff and Students
These are people who are enrolled on a research program or are employed by UCL and have a myHR account.

Building Access
Building access will only be given after the successful completion of:

As part of the induction an Induction Handout will be sent to users, which covers specific departmental information. A full list of Mandatory Training Courses, which are not necessary for building access but must also be completed, can be found below.

Lab Access
For researchers who are primarily based in the lab, they must complete the following in order to gain access:

Further courses based on specific hazards can be found below.

Desk Allocation
Desks in the LCN are not allocated, rather people may use desks on floors that align with their research area / group.

Cleanroom Access
After users have been granted building access they can then set up a clean room access by following the steps of the Cleanroom Induction Flyer, including creating a PPMS account. Please contact the Cleanroom Team for more information.

Mandatory Training for All Staff

A full list of Mandatory Training courses can be found on the UCL Mandatory Training website for staff and the Doctoral School website for PhD researchers.
Managers can see the mandatory training status of their direct reports using Tableau.

Training to be Completed on the First Day in the Department

UCL Fire SafetyEvery three years
UCL Safety InductionEvery three years
Information Security Training with CybSafeEvery year
Data Protection and Freedom of InformationEvery year

Training to be Completed within 6 weeks of Employment

Change possible: sustainable UCL Every three years
Disclosing and managing conflicts of interest at UCLEvery three years
Prevent at UCL Every three years
Introduction to Equality, Diversity and InclusionEvery three years
Mandatory Training for Lab Users

Additional Mandatory Safety Training for Lab users based on the hazards they use is below.

TrainingType of Training
Manual handling and liftingInstructor Led
Liquid Nitrogen in the workplaceeLearning
Safe decanting of liquid nitrogen Instructor Led, eLearning pre-requisite
Principles and practice of biosafetyeLearning
Principles of Radiation Safety eLearning
Safe handling of unsealed radioactive sourcesInstructor Led, eLearning pre-requisite
Safe use of x-rayseLearning
Basic x-ray physicseLearning
Using gas cylinders safely within universitieseLearning
Connecting regulators and safe cylinder set-upInstructor Led, eLearning pre-requisite