London Geochemistry & Isotope Centre



Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we have moved all our meetings and seminars online. To keep our sense of community, the ideas flowing and the scientific discussions going, we have been meeting on Zoom every Wednesday since April, and we will continue to do so for the next few months.

You can find below the programme for our LoGIC Zoom Meetings for Term 2 of 2020/2021! Please join us, even just for little 'hello'.

Our new Early-Career Panel (composed of Helen, Lisa & Delphine) is in charge of welcoming guest speakers, while we will still catch up with a LoGIC fellow once a month!

06/01/2021Maximilian Hansen (JoGU Mainz; Speleothem Research): "Stable isotope fractionation processes (∂18O and ∂ 13C) during precipitation of speleothem calcite: systematic investigation in laboratory experiments"
13/01/2021Keeping up with... Hazel Reade (UCL, IoA): "Nitrogen Palaeo-Isoscapes: Exploring past spatial variations in environmental δ15N"
20/01/2021Franziska Stamm (Lund University): "Extreme silicon isotope fractionation due to Si complexation and implications for silica biomineralization"
10/02/2021Keeping up with... James Schwanethal
17/02/2021Noah Planavsky
10/03/2021Keeping up with... John McArthur

You would like to give a presentation, present some data, lead a discussion? Please email Anne-Lise who will be happy to schedule it for you!

Check the list of our previous seminars under this link.