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The LoGIC Wednesday Meeting's exciting program can be found below

From October 2022, we will still meet on site or on Zoom on Wednesdays at 1pm every 2 weeks.  Please do join us then,  on site or from your laptop ;)

19/10/20221st LoGIC meeting of 2022-2023 - KLB 127
02/11/2022Antoine Souron & Maëlle Couvrat (University of Bordeaux): "A slice of hippo? Combining enamel histology and stable isotope analysis on hippopotamid canines: implications for (paleo)seasonality reconstructions" - on ZOOM
16/11/2022Catch Up
07/12/2022Discussion: "How to critically analyse journal articles", lead by John McArthur
21/12/2022LoGIC Christmas celebrations
25/01/2023Sarah Wexler (UCL, IoA):  "Isotopes and the Nitrogen Cycle"
15/02/2023Xi (Sean) Chen (UCL, ES): "Principles of open science & Initial plans for a chemostratigraphic database"
22/02/2023Paul Minton (UCL, ES): "Middle to late Miocene eastern equatorial Pacific responses to Antarctic climate change"
08/03/2023Martin Smith (Brighton University): "The Biogeochemistry of marine steel corrosion: Characteristics and causes of Accelerated Low Water Corrosion"
03/05/2023Self-introduction of PhD students: Katie Brown, Yue He, Yu Zhang, Ashraf Khan
17/05/2023Jack Wharton (UCL, Department of Geography): "Hydrographic profiles of the glacial Northwest Atlantic"

You would like to give a presentation, lead a discussion, present some data? Please email our new Planning Committee, composed of Susan, Hazel and Lin. 

You can also have a look at the list of our previous seminars under this link.