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Bogue Fellowships

Generous fellowships to support postgraduate research students and post-doctoral researchers working in the Life and Biomedical Sciences to visit the USA.


Applications Now Open

The deadline for the first application round is 3pm on 8 April 2024. The deadline for the second application round is 3pm on 24 October 2024. Decisions will be made 4-8 weeks after the deadline closes.

Guidance notes and applications can be obtained by e-mailing Jane Inge or by downloading them below:

Only UCL registered students and UCL academic staff can apply for this Fellowship. You must have a minimum period of 6 months guaranteed funding at UCL after your return. PGR students on CRS or just about to enter CRS are not eligible to apply. Students who are interrupting studies at the time they wish to spend in the USA are also not eligible to apply.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet/will meet all the entry requirements of the USA Government regarding vaccinations etc before applying for the Scholarship.  

About the Bogue Fellowships

The fellowships support visits to carry out research in laboratories in the USA in order ‘to enrich the research experience and help develop the scientific career of the Fellow’. The duration of the Fellowship needs to be well justified in relation to the time needed to do the proposed work. Recent awards have ranged from a few weeks to up to six months. Requests for up to 12 months will be considered, but only if very well justified. Applications will also be considered for attendance at advanced, intensive, high quality laboratory-based courses at Cold Spring Harbor, Woods Hole and similar centres.

Since the Bogue scheme was introduced in 1998/9, close to 280 Fellowship awards have been made for visits of between two weeks and 12 months. The number of Fellowships available is not fixed and will be determined by availability of funds (likely to be in the region of £70,000 in 2020), the level of support requested by applicants and the ranking of the applications by the Fellowships Committee.

Applicants should note that it was the wish of Dr Bogue that those awarded Fellowships should agree, as far as practicable, to return to UCL for a period of years following tenure of the Fellowship (applicants must have guaranteed funding to remain at UCL for a minimum period of six months after returning from the USA). Part of the purpose of the awards is that applicants should transfer skills that they have acquired in the USA back to UCL.

Who is eligible?

Fellowships are restricted to applicants whose research is in the area of Physiology and Cognate Sciences (i.e. most areas of the life and basic biomedical sciences). Those working in Clinical Medicine and Psychiatry are specifically excluded. Students or postdoctoral researchers carrying out basic research in clinical departments are, however, eligible.

The previous award of a Bogue Fellowship or an unsuccessful application does not debar an individual from applying for a further award providing they still meet the eligibility criteria.

Previous Bogue Fellowship Awards

Ricarda Brieke, MPhil student, Experimental Psychology (supervisors: Professors Lasana Harris and Natasha Kirkham - Three months with Professor M. Wilbourn, Duke University, to test monolingual and English-Spanish bilungual infants on the recognition paradigm developed by the home laboratory.  

James Evans, PhD student, IoN (supervisor: Professor Sonia Gandhi) - Three months with Professor Steve Finkbeiner at the University of California, to learn techniques in both longitudinal imaging and machine learning approaches to track events occurring in PD patient IPSC-derived neurons that ultimately lead to cell death.   

Ariana Gatt, Senior Research Fellow, IoN (Director of Research at Queen Square Brain Bank: Professor Tammaryn Lashley) - 18 days with Professor Towfique Raj/Dr Jack Humphrey at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, to optimise a method of isolating nuclei without hnRNP K.

Karel Kieslich, PhD student, ICN (supervisor: Professor Jonn Roiser) – 60 days with Professor Michael D. Fox, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Boston, to learn how to use an innovative techinique 'lesion network mapping' and to interpret its results.

Maximilian Maier, PhD student, Experimental Psych (supervisors: Drs Adam Harris and Henrik Singmann) - Two months with Professor Tom Griffiths, Princeton University, to develop precise mathematical models of how people make moral decisons and test them empirically.   

Evangelia Maniaki, PhD student, ICH (supervisor: Professor Jonathan Wells) - 23 days with Professor Michael Davis, Oklahoma State University, to collect samples from dogs participating in an Alaskan sled race before and after the race and during recovery days and to analyse these samples on returning to UCL.  

Freya Prentice, PhD student, ICH (supervisor: Professor Torsten Beldeweg) - Eight weeks with Dr Madison Bel, George Washington School of Medicine, to build a large retrospective database combining children from GOSH and the Children’s National Hospital and to gain skills in the analysis of recently developed neuroimaging techniques not currently used at UCL.  
Constantin-Cristian Topriceanu, PhD student, Institute of Cardiovascular Disease (supervisor: Dr Gabriella Captur) - Four months with Dr Carolyn Ho, Harvard Medical School, to analyse serial cardiovascular MRI images from Harvard cohorts using Artifical Intelligence.