UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


Faculty research strategy

Find out more about the faculty's research strategy and our key partnerships.

Collaboration is central to most of our research activity and our key partnerships include the Crick Institute, the Institute of Zoology and of course other Faculties at UCL. We have many successful international partnerships including the University of Zurich. Further details on our partnerships can be found in our Faculty Research Strategy document.

A second pillar to our research strategy is to provide support for our staff. Our focus is upon provision of initiatives to aid recruitment and support for junior staff through their early careers and beyond. This includes mentorship, leadership training and access to resources to facilitate research productivity.  

Finally, our outstanding research depends on an outstanding research environment and the Faculty aims to provide access to superb resources and infrastructure.  In particular, our wide range of Core Facilities can provide users with access to expertise and cutting edge technology.

Further information on LMS and UCL Research Strategy can be found here and here.