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Nanomerics awarded the King's Award for Enterprise 2024 – Innovation

8 May 2024

Nanomerics Ltd, founded by Professors Ijeoma Uchegbu and Andreas Schätzlein, has received a King's Award for Enterprise in the category of Innovation. The King's Award for Enterprise is the most prestigious business award in the UK.

Andreas Schätzlein and Ijeoma Uchegbu in New York recently visiting collaborators.

The award recognises exceptional achievements in business in one of four categories: Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development and Promoting Opportunity Through Social Mobility. Nanomerics has received an award in the category of Innovation. 

Nanomerics' award underscores the company's groundbreaking advancements in medicine technologies. Nanomerics Ltd has pioneered an active excipient platform tailored for Precision Medicines, aimed at enhancing efficacy while mitigating side effects.

This feat is accomplished through the utilisation of nano-scaled drug doses encapsulated within the innovative Molecular Envelope Technology (MET). This breakthrough allows water-insoluble drug compounds to traverse mucosal barriers more efficiently, ultimately reaching the targeted disease site with enhanced precision. 

The pioneering polymer designs enable the encapsulation of ingredients in a markedly stable form, surpassing previous achievements.  The laboratory advancement is being transitioned into viable therapeutic solutions. Notably, this platform has garnered recognition from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) through an Innovation Passport, granting access to the Innovative Licensing and Access Pathway (ILAP). This strategic pathway aims to expedite the time to market, streamlining patient access to these transformative and innovative technologies.

Ijeoma Uchegbu said: “This award provides recognition for all the hard work, Nanomerics’ staff put in day in and day out.  Our staff are magnificent and they all go above and beyond.”
Andreas Schätzlein added: “It is a real honour to win the King’s Award for Enterprise 2024 in the Innovation category.  This award recognises the efforts we are making to ensure that drug development has a higher likelihood of success.  On behalf of the entire company, we express our thanks to the awarding committee.” 

Nanomerics Ltd is a specialised pharmaceutical enterprise located in London. The company's inception was aimed at harnessing its biocompatible polymer technologies developed in UK academia at UCL for drug delivery and various other applications.

Fuelled by world-class expertise in polymer nanotechnology, Nanomerics has developed proprietary technology that serves as a hallmark of scientific excellence. Its innovative approach results in the creation of distinct pharmaceutical assets, fortified by rigorous scientific foundations. Notably, Nanomerics' Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) represents a pioneering biocompatible polymer solution, offering a significant advancement in target tissue bioavailability.

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Andreas Schätzlein and Ijeoma Uchegbu in New York recently visiting collaborators.


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