UCL Faculty of Life Sciences


FLS Festival of Research

26 May 2023

The full-day Festival of Research, held on 3rd May at the Institute of Child Health, brought together individuals from all career stages to celebrate the world-class research being conducted across the Faculty of Life Sciences.

Gene expression in different invertebrates larvae.

The day featured short talks from early career researchers and a poster session as well as opportunities to interact in person. The keynote speaker, Professor Mark Miodownik (Director, Institute of Making), gave a talk entitled: “Why working outside your discipline makes you a better and happier scientist”. The day closed with a panel discussion about “The future of scientific publishing”, with senior editors from Nature Communications, eLife and the Journal of Cell Science.

The image competition was won by Dr Laura Piovani, a Research Fellow from the Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, (UCL Division of Biosciences). The winning image - displayed above - shows the expression of different genes in larvae of sea urchins, snails, flatworms, feather stars and oysters. Single-cell sequencing is used to explore similarities and differences in gene expression across larvae of marine invertebrates to try and understand their enigmatic origin. Laura won a £100 prize for her image.

Image prize winners:

1st: Laura Piovani (Biosciences) - image shown above.
2nd: Anitta Chacko (Biosciences)
3rd: Chantal Roubinet (LMCB)

Poster prize winners:

1st: Matthew Adesuyan (School of Pharmacy)
2nd: Chania Clare (Biosciences)
3rd: Shu En Lim (LMCB)

 On behalf of everyone at the Faculty of Life Sciences, we'd like to wish all winners many congratulations. Thanks to all who took part. We look forward to seeing you next year!