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UCL School of Pharmacy student, Rucha Dadhe, wins UCL Entrepreneurship Hub competition

30 November 2021

The UCL Business Game is an annual competition held by the UCL Entrepreneurship club and constitutes three challenges conducted over two days.

MSc student, Rucha Dadhe and her team, won the Venture Capital challenge, which was sponsored by three of London’s venture firms: Atomico, ForceOverMass, and MMC. This was a team challenge with four randomly assigned people in each team.

School of Pharmacy student, Rucha Dadhe, giving her presentation

Each team was given investor decks of two start-up companies and were asked to select one after a brief analysis of each. They then needed to prepare a presentation on whether or not they would, as a venture capital firm, invest in the start-up of their choice by providing their analysis, and also discussing the amount they would invest. 

The top five presentations were chosen out of a total of eighteen, and those five teams then went on to present on stage. One winner was chosen from the top five. 

Dr Maryam Parhizkar and Dr Asma Buanz, the programme directors of the MSc in Pharmaceutical Formulation and Entrepreneurship that Rucha is currently studying, expressed their excitement about Rucha’s achievement. Dr Parhizkar said “This is a great achievement and a fine example of how students can engage with extracurricular activities that UCL offers to expand their horizons. Well done, Rucha!”

Dr Buanz added “It is great to see our MSc PFE students making the most of the opportunities available at UCL to develop their entrepreneurial skills and leverage what they are learning in the programme.”

The prize was a shadowing experience at one of the sponsor firms, and getting an opportunity to reach the second round of interviews for an internship with them. The internship will begin in January 2022. 

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