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Faculty of Life Sciences Alumni Lecture: Past Lives

29 February 2024, 6:00 pm–8:00 pm

Cell and Developmental Biology

Dr Laura Porro, UCL Department of Cell & Developmental Biology and Centre for Integrative Anatomy, will give the Winter Faculty of Life Sciences Alumni lecture. The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception.

This event is free.

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Faculty of Life Sciences


JZ Young Lecture Theatre
UCL Anatomy Building
Gower Street

UCL Life Sciences alumni are invited to hear Dr Laura Porro, UCL Department of Cell & Developmental Biology and Centre for Integrative Anatomy, talk about her work applying cutting-edge technology to reconstruct skull shapes, and shed light on the lifestyles of extinct animals.

Laura is an evolutionary biomechanist investigating how the different forces have shaped the vertebrate skeleton over hundreds of million years. Using interdisciplinary methods, including high-resolution 3D imaging, experiments, and computer modelling, she is exploring how a diverse range of vertebrate skulls, both living and fossilised, are adapted for different environments, behaviours and diets.

Laura will detail her recent work exploring the evolution of skull form and function across two major evolutionary transitions: the conquest of the land by vertebrates nearly 400 million years ago and the rise of early dinosaurs to dominate life on land.

About the Speaker

Dr Laura Porro

Associate Professor Cell & Developmental Biology at UCL

Dr Laura Porro is a lecturer for the UCL Medical School and teaches on additional courses within the Faculty of Life Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. Her research explores the link between animal form, function and large-scale evolutionary events, such as environmental changes, mass extinctions, and adaptive radiations.

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