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UCL startup FabRx wins coveted CPhl Pharma award

A UCL spinout has been recognised with a prestigious CPhl Pharma award for its pioneering work in the 3D printing of drugs.

M3DIMAKER™ pharmaceutical 3D printer from FabRx

23 April 2021

FabRx Ltd was set up by senior academics from UCL Life Sciences in 2014, to pioneer the 3D printing of drugs as a way to personalise and improve how people take medication.

After launching the world’s first pharmaceutical 3D printer for personalised medicines, FabRx won the Manufacturing Technology and Equipment category at the CPhI Pharma Awards 2020. The awards celebrated innovators in the pharma industry, and UCL is delighted to be counted among the pioneers driving the industry forward.

FabRx has patented its own 3D printer, M3DIMAKER™, which can be used to create unique personalised medicines by tailoring the appearance and dosage to each patient on demand.

Currently, medicines are made using mass manufacturing, which means they all have the same dose. This can lead to inappropriate dosing, undesirable side effects and a lack of treatment effect in many patient populations (such as children and the elderly).

FabRx’s new technology addresses this problem by creating 3D printed tablets which can be produced with a precise dose. It’s even possible to combine multiple medications into a single ‘polypill’ for patients with complicated medication regimens.

The FabRx system, which has been tested in hospitals, pharmacies and research institutes around the world, has now been launched onto the market. The business has been supported by UCLB, the commercialisation arm of UCL and part of UCL Innovation & Enterprise.

In response to winning the coveted CPhl award, Alvaro Goyanes said: “To have won this award in a competitive category, where each nominee would have been a worthy winner, is testament to the groundbreaking work FabRx is doing in this sector.”


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Image credit: M3DIMAKER™ pharmaceutical 3D printer from FabRx, FabRX.co.uk